Iris Vander Pluym is “stupid,” “dull-witted,” and “not very bright.”

“Iris Vander Pluym isn’t the most intelligent person to ever grace the internet…”
another genius.

“wow, Iris rocks!”
unfortunately misinformed Internet denizen.

“Iris VP is my new Internet Hero.”
tragically confused individual.


It turns out that there are other people who write things about us…on the Internet!  We figured we might as well link to them somewhere—and this beautiful, state-of-the-art PRESS ROOM at the Palace is as good a place as any.

On Facebook, Sara Morris wrote:

Oh Iris Vander Pluym. Your blogging makes me cavort around the living room, fist pumping like a frat boy on his first sample of cocaine, shouting, “Yes! Oh my GODS! YES!!!”

At Daily Kos, weaponsofmassdeception said:

Iris Vander Pluym hits the nail on the head regarding how to fight back against the most outrageous lies perpetuated by the Right Wing Noise Machine…We’ve been living for too long being told that “Fair and Balanced” means that the truth and blatant lies share equal and opposite footing in a debate.  This meme is exemplified by  this article at , which set the author off on one of the best diatribes I’ve read since the days when Dennis Miller actually made some sense.  You must read the article in its entirety…There is too much truth in this article to ignore it.

At TPJMagazine, Science Junkie writes:

Promising new research hints at possible treatment for Conservative Personality Disorder. …is an entertaining and informative tour de force.

Also at TPJMagazine, Donald B. Ardell says:

“Iris Vander Pluym” is a pseudonym adopted by an “an unapologetic, godless, feminist liberal who lives in New York City.” (This is her self-description.) I have not asked, but from reading her blog, I’m pretty sure she would caution that as bad as things are in American extremist politics, they can always get worse. Much worse. See her incisive website [].  Iris penned a pretty cool tongue-in-cheek blog suggesting that new research offers a promising treatment for CPD, the dreaded “Conservative Personality Disorder.” It was a send-up, of course – there is NO treatment, cure or even hope for a cure for a malady this dreadful. But, it’s interesting and wicked fun to consider a partial list of CPD symptoms…

At Daily Kos, Neapolitan says:

It’s true: rape of women—pregant ones, to be exact—is now mandatory in Texas. A panel of federal appellate judges decreed as much this week. Iris Vander Pluym explains it all over at her Perry Street Palace blog… For more on this profound bit of craziness, including some images I’m too timid to post here, read the entire entry on Vander Pluym’s Perry Street Palace blog.

Darrick Lim at The Attempts writes:

Another assumption underlying the DBAD [“Don’t Be a Dick”] premise is that snark, mockery and ridicule are never justified. Iris Vander Pluym disagrees. In the context of American ultra-partisan politics (but applicable to the atheism-vs-religion debate), Vander Pluym’s essay spells out why it’s not just ok, but actually necessary, to mock those who say, write and believe patently ridiculous things. It’s not just sensitive egos at stake here. Mockery matters.

A blogger with the awesome ‘nym cognitivedissident cites us, in a piece with the awesome title mocking morons:

The best part would be that liberal explainers wouldn’t have to lie as prolifically as their conservative counterparts; while writing a guest post at Pharyngula, Iris Vander Pluym defends media figures from Lind’s accusations. Pluym writes that “Even if Lind were right about any of these things, there is a far greater danger in ignoring or dismissing the deranged rantings of prominent right-wing conservatives. We do so at our grave peril:”

Also, I discovered that I am a lawyer in a New Jersey sexual harassment law suit, or possibly a plaintiff, or maybe even a defendant (OMFG…):

  1. lawyer nj sexual harrassment Iris Vander Pluym

    Feb 27, 2012 – lawyer nj sexual harrassment Iris Vander Pluym. Browse > Home / Medical Malpractice / lawyer nj sexual harrassment Iris Vander Pluym

(Seems a little strange that as a lawyer, plaintiff and/or defendant in a sexual harassment law suit that I cannot spell “harassment” correctly — I’ll have to work on that.)

In addition — and I am not entirely clear on the details here but in the interest of full disclosure I feel I should mention it — the Texas Sex Offender Registry comes up in a google search of “Iris Vander Pluym”:

  1. Texas Sex Offender Registry
A panel of federal appellate judges decreed as much this week. Iris Vander Pluym explains it all over at her Perry Street Palace blog: No doubt much fallout will..

The national sex offender registry also comes up in a google search of “Iris Vander Pluym”.  Again, I am not clear on all the details, but it appears to be in connection with a duo that raped a 15 year old.  Which seems a little odd.  I am pretty sure I would remember something like BEING PART OF A DUO THAT RAPED A 15-YEAR OLD.  (Jeezus.)

Duo raped 15-yr-old, circulated MMS – NDTV –

A panel of federal appellate judges decreed as much this week. Iris Vander Pluym explains it all over at her Perry Street Palace blog: No doubt much fallout will .

* * * * *

Be sure to visit the Palace PRESS ROOM regularly to find out if we get any more love, hate or yawning indifference on the Internet, and whether we’ve managed to somehow get ourselves listed in connection with more sex offender registries.*

*I hope this will not be misconstrued as making light of sex offenses or sex offender registries.  My intent was to highlight the fact that a Google search on a pseudonym generates multiple hits on sex offender registries.  Because wtf.

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