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Smash the status quo with original designs by Your Humble Monarch™.


Join the Official Palace Army™! Demonstrate devotion to Your Humble Monarch™ while shamelessly shilling for this blog! Proudly announce to all the world your support for the senseless abuse of Trademark Symbols™ with the Official Perry Street Palace™ Logo Mug!

Soothe your rabid rage at right-wing blowhards and repel conservatives from your general vicinity with this nifty mug!
Everything tastes better when conservatives are crying.

dtsmugsDo your part to shake the sheeple from their stupor and break the hypnotic spell of the enemy rodents by drinking from these striking mugs—BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!


These squirrel skull mugs are fucking badass. GET YOURS TODAY.


WHAT?! You mean aren’t in the market for a mug? You can shop for other exclusive items here.

40% off mugs

20% off everything else


Or you could just, you know, pay me money:



All proceeds to fund smashing the status quo, subverting the patriarchy, dismantling white supremacy, waging war on warmongers, obliterating the oligarchy, sustaining struggling friends, monitoring the squirrel menace, mocking conservatives and/or cat food.


I recognize that many people do not have the bucks to spare, and in any event no one should feel obligated to contribute to my cat food fund. Particularly when they’re thisclose to eating cat food themselves.

Thank you, my beloved Loyal Readers™, for all of your support.

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