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Hard Drug Abuse More Common Among White Kids, Blacks Still Jailed More. Venosa, A., MSM (Mar. 2016):

Though whites were more likely to abuse or depend on hard drugs, their incarceration numbers didn’t follow the same pattern. According to an estimate by the U.S. Department of Justice, among males born in 2001, one in three African Americans and one in six Hispanics will be incarcerated at some point in their lives, compared with just one in 17 Caucasians.



Scientists have created a painless patch that can control diabetes without injections. MacDonald, F., Science Alert (Mar. 2016):

Scientists have been struggling for decades to free diabetics from regular insulin injections. One of the main goals has been to figure out how to transplant healthy beta cells – the insulin-producing cells that fail as a result of diabetes – into patients, but this is an invasive procedure in itself that comes with the risk of rejection.

Now researchers have come up with a simpler option – they’ve created a synthetic patch that’s covered in natural beta cells, which can be stuck painlessly to a patient’s skin to secrete insulin when it’s required and safely control blood sugar levels, no injection or monitoring required.


[T]he new patch contains real, live beta cells, which means it’s able to more safely manage a patient’s blood sugar levels for longer, without the risk of over- or under-doing it.

And because the beta cells are kept on a patch safely outside of the patient’s body, there’s no chance of them being rejected by the immune system.

[I can has dis patch nao plz kthx. –Ed.]



I Dared Criticize Fox News and Speak Up for Samantha Bee—This is How the Right Roared Back at Me. McClennan, S.A., Alternet (Apr. 2016) [CONTENT NOTE: violent threats, gendered insults, pathological aversion to punctuation.]:

Here was one troll’s message to me:

You’re probably a Lesbian but if you have any kids I hope they die in the next Islamic terror attack you Commie scum whore you and Hildabeast and Samantha Bee the Canadian skank ought to catch cancer of the twat and die horrible deaths die bitch die die die I hope you get raped by one of the Syrian scum your God Obama brought over you’d probably love it Go Trump bitch we’re tired of scum like you destroying this country it should legal to put you down like the rabid dog you are I hope you’re on the next plane they blow up bitch.

Now we know that the troll world is dark and filled with exceptionally angry people who exhibit extreme misogyny, practice flawed logic and lack basic grammar skills. That’s not the story here. The story is, why such anger over a piece on satire?



Amazing Classical Mashup between 33 composers. V Local (undated).

PowerPuff Yourself. [h/t PZ]



PowerPuff Iris sez “Go puff yourself.” :D

Death vs. Tardigrades. MrWeebl, youtube (Feb. 2016) [h/t Ian]:




Have you had an abortion? Missouri Republicans want to know. Planned Parenthood official could be arrested for not turning over names. Marcotte, A., Salon (Apr. 2016).



Oil Companies Donated To Clinton Foundation While Lobbying State Department. Sirota, D. and Resnikoff, N., International Business Times (Apr. 2016).

New Map Exposes the Danger of Man-Made Earthquakes. Whelan, L., Wired (Mar. 2016).

But after a huge uptick in oil-and-gas-related [fracking] earthquakes in central US states, the USGS began compiling seismic and industry data from 2014 and 2015 to project the one-year risk of damage from man-made earthquakes. The result is pretty dramatic in some places: The updated maps show up to a 12 percent probability of earthquake damage in northwestern Oklahoma, the same as Monterey, California, which lies near the San Andreas fault. The USGS estimates over 7 million people live in areas at risk of human-induced earthquake damage, including in Oklahoma City and Dallas.



The World’s Largest Muslim Group Has Been Opposing Radical Islam for 90 Years. Wedler, C., The Anti-Media (Dec. 2015).

Nahdlatul Ulama, or NU, was founded in 1926, and boasts 50 million members. As Huffington Post explained, it is “part Sunni religious body, part political party and part charity.” NU says its goal is “to spread messages about a tolerant Islam in their respective countries to curb radicalism, extremism and terrorism”…

While NU evidently seeks to strike at the root of the world’s most radical Islamic beliefs, the United States and its Western allies align themselves with the very purveyor of, and inspiration for, ISIS. High-level officials have argued that the U.S. military directly contributed to the rise of the terror group — but all the while, Western populations condemn Muslims for ‘not doing enough’ to counter this ideology.



“We are the death merchant of the world”: Ex-Bush official Lawrence Wilkerson condemns military-industrial complex. Norton, B., Salon (Mar. 2016). (“We’ve privatized the ultimate public function: war.”)



The gospel of doubt. Gerald, C., TED2016 (Feb. 2016):

[OMG OMG OMG ♥♥♥! –Ed.]

How Corporate America Invented Christian America. Kruse, K., AlterNet (Apr. 2015). [See also.]



NSA is so overwhelmed with data, it’s no longer effective, says whistleblower. Whittaker, Z., ZDNet (Apr. 2015).

Pentagon report justifies deployment of military spy drones over the U.S. Zoroya, G., USA Today (Mar. 2016).


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