BREAKING: Iris joins Freethought Blogs!

Your Humble Monarch™ has a brand new blog—at Freethought Blogs!

Guess what it’s called.

Go ahead, guess!

Didja guess?





deathtosquirrelsbannerHahaha. I crack myself up.

It’s exciting, and a little scary. FtB is a bigger platform, with exposure to a much wider audience of readers. It’s also a HUGE troll magnet: there are some nasty denizens of the Internet dedicated to terrorizing Social Justice Warriors (especially feminists) generally, and to targeting the FtB community of bloggers and regular commenters in particular.

So I’m not yet sure whether or to what extent I will move the Palace to FtB. I rather like our cozy VIP arrangement here, don’t you? I mean, I also blog at Secular Woman, and while there is some overlap in readership and subject matter, no one seems to be put out. I cross-post some stuff there that seems appropriate and also create original content for them, and the same approach might work for FtB.

Right now of course, my #1 priority is to educate the FtB people on the urgent squirrel threat. And before I even consider moving some or all of my beloved Palace there, we obviously need to know whether these people can behave themselves in the bar, can be trusted not to feed the conservatives in the zoo and—most crucially—are not double agents for the fucking squirrels. (I already suspect a few of the commenters, and there could be many more lurking.)

I figure for now, I’ll just hang out at FtB too and see how it goes. Feel free to come visit me there if you’d like, maybe meet some new people and check out some of the other new bloggers they’ve added.

In solidarity,


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