Happy birthday PZ Myers.

pz2016It is once again the time to mark the joyous occasion of The Great Tentacled One’s completion of another orbit around our sun. Longtime readers will recall that in February of 2011, PZ Myers published our screed In Defense of Mockery on his blog Pharyngula. At the time, Your Humble Monarch™ was a fledgling blogger, and didn’t know whether she would be any good at this, you know, writing stuff, and find her own voice in the wilderness of Internet denizens. That boost of confidence—and the Many Tens of Loyal Readers™—we gained the day we were first published on one of our all-time favorite blogs meant the world to us then, and still does. In 2013 PZ posted our Casualties of War; by that time perhaps we had indeed found our voice, thanks in no small part to the encouragement of PZ. He will always have our undying appreciation and affection.

Thus we have duly decorated the Palace’s shrine to PZ, where squid ink cocktails and calamari will be served all day. Please join us in toasting the Patron Saint of Perry Street Palace.

Happy birthday, PZ.

Long may we mock.

squidinkcocktailBarchetta’s Spezia cocktail.
vodka, caper brine and squid ink, whole caperberry garnish


Some quotes to enjoy:

Supernatural explanations of natural phenomena are no longer outside the realm of nature, and are therefore subject to scientific inquiry. Just saying that your explanation for something is supernatural is not a get-out-of-science-free card. –PZ Myers

Most of what we believe isn’t derived from the pure and perfect reasoning power of our flawless brains — it’s learned by trial and error by brains that are often afflicted with stubbornly bad ideas. Like believing in gods, for instance. –PZ Myers

I like science, too, I know humans evolved, and I think logic is an excellent tool. It’s just that I also appreciate other ways of seeing the world (they’re inevitable, since we’re not robot clones), see evolution as a chaotic clusterfuck of chance with a ribbon of selection providing multiple ways forward, and also know that logic is a great tool for false rationalizations. –PZ Myers

Yes, we have a tribe. Only our tribe is interested in expanding and becoming more inclusive. Their tribe wants to close ranks and maintain the status quo, perpetuating inequities (and even denying the existence of those inequities). –PZ Myers

Religion is on the wrong side of history on far too many issues, and it’s entirely reasonable to point out when someone else is completely wrong, even if they’re going to interpret that as you being arrogant. –PZ Myers

 Cheers to that.

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