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Indigenous Activist Berta Cáceres Assassinated in Honduras. SOA Watch (Mar. 2016).

Since the 2009 military coup, that was carried out by graduates of the U.S. Army School of the Americas, Honduras has witnessed an explosive growth in environmentally destructive megaprojects that would displace indigenous communities. Almost 30 percent of the country’s land was earmarked for mining concessions, creating a demand for cheap energy to power future mining operations. To meet this need, the government approved hundreds of dam projects around the country, privatizing rivers, land, and uprooting communities. Repression of social movements and targeted assassinations are rampant. Honduras has the world’s highest murder rate. Honduran human rights organizations report there have been over 10,000 human rights violations by state security forces and impunity is the norm – most murders go unpunished. The Associated Press has repeatedly exposed ties between the Honduran police and death squads, while U.S. military training and aid for the Honduran security forces continues.

Gosh this all sounds familiar…what was it? Oh yeah:

U.S. Marshals Enforce Eminent Domain for Constitution Pipeline. Zangas, J., DC Media Group (Mar. 2016).

The land of the free got a little smaller this week when cutters from Williams Partners Company began clear-cutting trees on the Zeffer-Holleran property, readying it for construction of the Constitution pipeline. Five acres of the property were condemned under eminent domain to build the natural gas pipeline.

A dozen Pennsylvania State police and heavily armed U.S. Marshals escorted scores of tree cutters to remove hundreds of sugar bush maple trees from the property. The Marshals carried AR-15 assault weapons and wore bullet proof vests…

The Hollerans have owned the 23-acre tract since 1950, when Megan Holleran’s grandfather bought it to start the Harford Maple Syrup business. Losing the hundreds of sugar bush maple trees will effectively end 90% of their business.


[This is what FREEDOM!!11!! looks like, people!Ed.]


One-Third Of The Abortion “Facts” Used For Informed Consent Are Inaccurate
comments. Coughlin, S., Refinery 29 (Mar. 2016).

By a large margin, most of the inexact information pertained to the first trimester of a pregnancy — when most abortions are performed, as lead author Cynthia Daniels, PhD pointed out in a statement. When it came to information about the first trimester, a whopping 45% of the statements were medically inaccurate. This percentage dropped to 29% and 13% for imprecise statements about the second and third trimesters, respectively.

Behold: the fine work of Liars 4 Jeezus! IMPRESSIVE. Speaking of Jeezus…


Why People Don’t Take Right-Wing Evangelicals So Seriously Anymore. Tarico, V., AlterNet (Mar. 2016). [h/t SJ]


Cartoon genitals star in consent awareness campaign. Frauenfelder, M., Boing Boing (Mar. 2016).

There’s no ‘silver bullet’ for the internet’s revenge porn problem. Reynolds, E., WIRED (Mar. 2016).


Those Who Dared To Discover: 15 Women Scientists You Should Know. Katherine, A Mighty Girl (Mar. 2016).


New Study Proves Conclusively That More Guns = More Violent Crime. Bradford, A., Bipartisan Report (Mar. 2016). [GTFO. –Ed.]

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