This is…just. What? No.

Yesterday My Amazing Lover™ brought to my attention a devastating development in the War on Squirrels: some ridiculous jackasses apparently thought it was a grand idea to deem January 21 “Squirrel Appreciation Day.” This is treason, people. And when the coming Squirrelpocalypse is upon us, justice will be swift and fierce.

Purely coincidentally (I swear!), earlier in the day I had asked my local meats purveyor whether his shop ever had any squirrel meat on offer. He said yes, by special order only, 2 days in advance. I’ve marked my calendar for January 19, 2017 to put in my order, so on the 21st I can appreciate some braised squirrel with bacon, mushrooms, and Pinot Noir.



1 thought on “WTF.

  1. Hilarious.

    Just what this country needs – another war.

    How about one on mosquitos?

    Whatever, as long as this war does not distract from vigilance against Republicans.

    Sorry to note that my triathlon buddy, ex-MA Senator Scott, is cozying up with Cruz. Yuk.


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