Election Day!

It’s election day, and I am determined to exercise my hard-won right to vote! Naturally I want to make an informed decision, because DEMOCRACY!!11!!!! is depending on me! I looked up the election voter guide for my district, and saw that the only candidates up for election today are judges. But that’s okay! The judicial branch of our government is important, people. Now, I have mixed feelings about judicial elections: unlike lifetime court appointments, election requirements make judges much more likely to become beholden to special interests (consciously or otherwise). On the other hand, just imagine what our world might look like if we could vote Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy and Alito off of the Supreme Court, and replace them all with Ruth Bader Ginsburg clones. Just sayin’.

Anyway, here is what’s on my ballot today! Exciting!

electionSo for New York Supreme Court Judicial District 1, I get to select five Justices out of a total of… five candidates.  : |

But hey, at least I get to vote for Judge of Manhattan County Civil Court!

Wait. WHAT.

There is only one candidate on the ballot.


In case you are unaware, the political system here is exactly as beholden to real estate developers as the US Congress is to the banksters, a state of affairs which I hardly need to spell out for Loyal Readers™ of this blog. This is how we end up with people in power like the odious Democratic former City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn: the infamous New York Democratic Party Machine simply picks its preferred candidates for us, and we lucky citizens get the honor and privilege of voting for them! Hooray.

Now obviously this situation is totally different than when Saddam Hussein held an election in 2002, and was the only candidate on the ballot. That was VERY BAD, and so of course the US tsk-tsked and scolded all those silly backwards Iraqis: YER DOO’IN DEEMOCKRISSY RONG, we ‘splained—right before illegally invading and utterly destroying that country, killing untold numbers of innocent civilians and displacing millions more:

Iraqi officials say President Saddam Hussein has won 100% backing in a referendum on whether he should rule for another seven years. There were 11,445,638 eligible voters – and every one of them voted for the president, according to Izzat Ibrahim, Vice-Chairman of Iraq’s Revolutionary Command Council.

The government insists the count was fair and accurate.

Saddam Hussein – who has ruled Iraq since 1979 – was the only candidate.

Before the vote, Washington dismissed the referendum as a farce after the last such vote gave the Iraqi leader 99.96% support.

“Obviously it’s not a very serious day, not a very serious vote and nobody places any credibility on it,” White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said on Tuesday.


TL;dr: who should I write in on my ballot today?


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Iris Vander Pluym is an artist and activist in NYC (West Village), and an unapologetic, godless, feminist lefty. Raised to believe Nice Girls™ do not discuss politics, sex or religion, it turns out those are pretty much the only topics she ever wants to talk about.

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