Catholic shitweaselry, case number 9,374,174,293.

Oh look, everyone: Catholics being unconscionably ignorant bigots and actually using the safety of children in their care as an excuse to do it. HAHAHA. Please.

Back in the spring, when the mother of the [trans] girl first heard her daughter couldn’t use the [girls] washroom, she asked what were the reasons that led the ECSD to this decision. She was given two answers, the first was that her daughter being in the bathroom violates the biological rights of the females, the second was that it violates their safety.

“I told them ‘you better drop that defence pretty quick as it sounds like you’re implying my child is a predator, which she isn’t,'” the girl’s mother said. “And two, you’re stating in that statement that transgender people are predators which they are not.”

Numerous studies have concluded transgender youth are far far far more likely to be assaulted than to assault people and are in fact one of the most at-risk groups in our society. So maybe it’s time for this Bishop and the Catholic Church to start focusing on actual proven threats to the children’s safety.

Like, oh, I don’t know…perhaps themselves and their church?

How any decent person could ever willingly support the Catholic church I will never understand.

How any decent society could ever entertain for one moment the Catholic hierarchy being in charge of children—children!—I will never understand.

How about you STFU 4EVER & take ALL the seats, Catholics. That includes you too, smiley pope. I see you.


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