This is what journalism looks like.

Oddly enough, it does not look Fair-‘n-Balanced®. It turns out that when facts speak for themselves, we really have no pressing need to hear from pants-pissing right-wing berserkers shrieking about jihadis hiding around every corner—or worse, government officials ‘splaining how state violence and human rights violations Keep Us Safe™.

Will Potter: The secret US prisons you’ve never heard of before
TED Fellows Retreat, August 2015

My message for you today is that we must bear witness to what is being done to these prisoners. Their treatment is a reflection of the values held beyond prison walls. This story is not just about prisoners, it is about us. It is about our own commitment to human rights. It is about whether we will choose to stop repeating the mistakes of our past. If we don’t listen to what Father Berrigan described as the stories of the dead, they will soon become the stories of ourselves.

Feel the Safe™.

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