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Immigrant Teens Less Likely To Commit Crime, Consume Drugs, Study Finds. Attanasio, C., Latin Times (Sep. 2015):

[T]he U.S. may have a criminalizing effect on immigrants, not the other way around.

Instead of immigrants “bringing drugs” and “bringing crime” to the U.S. — as the immigration analysis of Donald Trump has argued — the research implies that it is the U.S. that brings drugs and crime to immigrant youth.


Racial Injustice Fatigue: Coping with the Toxicity of Well-Meaning White People. Daroe, K., For Harriet (Sep. 2015).


AI robot that learns new words in real-time tells human creators it will keep them in a “people zoo”. Glitch.News (Aug. 2015). WATCH:

[OMFG. –Ed.]


Cheers Erupt As Guatemala Paves Way to Arrest School of the Americas-Trained President Perez Molina. Germanos, A., Common Dreams (Sep. 2015). (“‘Now that Guatemala has kicked open the door, set an example for the world, this trail of blood can be followed wherever it leads, including back to Washington,’ says journalist Nairn.”) [Hahaha. Sure. You know what I always say: Don’t count your incarcerated war criminals before they’re led off in shackles at the Hague. –Ed.]


U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression. Gardner, G., The Free Thought Project (Aug. 2015):

At least 300 high-ranking U.S. sheriffs and police from all over the country, as well as FBI and US Customs and Border Protection agents, have traveled to Israel to learn first-hand the most efficient means of subduing populations.  The purported reason is counterterrorism, but protests and crowd control methods are commonly discussed…The use of excessive or deadly force for crowd control is rarely questioned.

Israeli Police Brutality Is Out of Control, and the Media Is Still Silent. Moreh B.D.K. and R. Abraham, Counter Current News (Nov. 2014).

It’s Time To Admit It. Israeli Policy Is What It Is: Apartheid. Burston, B., Information Clearinghouse (Aug. 2015).


Arizona school district requires students to paste anti-abortion sticker in science textbook. Mother Mags, Daily Kos (Aug. 2015).

Consumer Reports calls latest Tesla best vehicle they’ve ever tested, right wing goes nuts. kos, Daily Kos (Aug. 2015).



Hispanic Or Latino? A Guide For The U.S. Presidential Campaign. Garcia-Navarro, L., NPR (Aug. 2015) [via Skepchick.]:

A quick test to see if you’re paying attention to the original question: What am I?

I’m neither Latina nor Hispanic because I don’t live in the U.S.

I’m a Cuban-Panamanian-Brit who speaks Spanish and lives in a Portuguese-speaking part of Latin America.

See, it’s simple.


Why one naturopath quit after watching her peers treat cancer patients. Belluz, J., Vox (Sep. 2015):

I had a lot of perception bias and self-fulfilling prophecies. I saw myself getting better, friends having healing experiences, that now in hindsight I realize was due to other things — self-limiting conditions, evidence-based medicine sprinkled in with the naturopathic medicine we were doing.

Put down the Emergen-C — vitamin C does not ward off colds. Guth, D., PRI (Public Research International) (Aug. 2015). [via Skepchick.]


POTUS at the Bully Pulpit. Coleman, A.D., The Humanist (Aug. 2015) [h/t Don Ardell]:

[A]s Goya wrote, the sleep of reason produces monsters. Religion, by definition, anesthetizes reason, and those who believe the application of compassionate reason is the best way to help others should point out such anesthetization whenever it occurs, especially when everyone’s watching.


Vintage Magazines Repurposed: Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck. Skidmore, M., AnOther (Aug. 2015).

goingnowheresammyslabbinckGoing Nowhere © Sammy Slabbinck.


Despite Global Ban, Saudi-Led Forces Kill Dozens in Yemen Using U.S.-Made Cluster Bombs. Goodman, A. and Roth, K., Democracy Now, (Sep. 2015):

Dozens of civilians were killed or wounded, both during the attacks and later, when they picked up unexploded submunitions that detonated. Neither the United States, Saudi Arabia or Yemen have joined the global convention banning the use of cluster munitions.

U.S. launches secret drone campaign to hunt Islamic State leaders in Syria. Miller, G., The Washington Post (Sep. 2015).

A Syrian Photographer Survives to Show His Country’s Destruction. Schatz, B., Mother Jones ( Aug. 2015). (“Mahmoud al-Basha lost nearly all his photos when he was kidnapped. Here’s what’s left.”)

The Nuclear Deal. Chomsky, N., teleSUR (Aug. 2015). [FIVE STARS.Ed.]


These 7 Household Names Make a Killing Off of the Prison-Industrial Complex. Davidson, K., US Uncut (Aug. 2015):

“Insourcing,” as prison labor is often called, is an even cheaper alternative to outsourcing. Instead of sending labor over to China or Bangladesh, manufacturers have chosen to forcibly employ the 2.4 million incarcerated people in the United States. Chances are high that if a product you’re holding says it is “American Made,” it was made in an American prison.

On average, prisoners work 8 hours a day, but they have no union representation and make between .23 and $1.15 per hour, over 6 times less than federal minimum wage. These low wages combined with increasing communication and commissary costs mean that inmates are often released from correctional facilities with more debt than they had on their arrival. Meanwhile, big businesses receive tax credits for employing these inmates in excess of millions of dollars a year.

Drug Sentences Rise, While Time Served For Other Crimes Falls. Hayes, M., BuzzFeed (Aug. 2015). (“A new study finds that drug offenders are serving more time in federal prison while all other sentences are on the decline.”)


Half a million California children are homeless. Mclean, A., World Socialist (Aug. 2015):

More broadly, the gutting of federal programs for food stamps and the health care overhaul by the Obama administration have hacked away at what little is left of a social safety net, placing more of the burden on the backs of working people. The result of these policies has been the highest rate of child homelessness since the Great Depression. As the global economic crisis intensifies, the capitalist politicians will more and more seek to force the working class to pay for a crisis that it did not create. The impoverishment and homelessness of a large number of children in the US is a further symptom of this process.


Similarities Between Anti-Suffragette Posters and Anti-Feminist Memes: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Poland, B., Suite (Aug. 2015).

savecountry[“My” country? I think I see the problem… –Ed.]


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