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No, It’s Not Your Opinion. You’re Just Wrong. Rouner, J., Houston Press (Jul. 2015). [Unless of course we are talking about my opinion, in which case it is always 100% factually correct. :DEd.]


Humans are nowhere near as special as we like to think. Hogenboom, M., BBC (Jul. 2015). [Except for me, in which case I am exactly as Very, Very Special™ as I think. –Ed.]


Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Talk to the Police. Agorist, M., The Free Thought Project (Feb. 2014). [Tl;dr: STFU. WARNING: taking this advice, or, alternatively, not taking this advice, may have fatal consequences depending on the melanin content of one’s skin. –Ed.]

Dashcam footage clearly shows the real reason Sandra Bland changed lanes in the first place. King, S., Daily Kos (Jul. 2015). [SPOILER ALERT! “the only reason she changed lanes, which the officer claimed was his rationale for pulling her over, was so that she could get out of the way for his patrol car.” –Ed.]

Iowa cops shot unarmed bystander 5 times, lied about the incident. RT (Jul. 2015).

One day after Sandra Bland’s death, 18-year-old Kindra Chapman was found dead in jail. Markus, B.P., Raw Story (Jul. 2015).

A Virginia Cop Pepper-Sprayed a Man Having a Medical Emergency. AJ+ via Facebook (May 2015). (VIDEO.) (“A Virginia police officer tased and used pepper spray on a man who was reportedly having a stroke because he wasn’t responding.”) [Bet you will never guess what color his skin is! Go on, guess! –Ed.]


semicoloncompSemicolon tattoos aren’t a trend. They’re a symbol of a silent fight. Anderson, E., BDCWire (Jul. 2015). (“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”) [See also: Project Semicolon, “to raise public awareness against depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.” –Ed.]

Terrible Doctors Are Uploading Selfies Taken Next to Women’s Vaginas During Childbirth. Schiller, R., Vice (Jul. 2015). [%$@&(^$@*! –Ed.]

Study: ‘Overwhelming Majority’ of Women Don’t Regret Their Abortions. Merlan, A., Jezebel (Jul. 2015). [I.e. 95% don’t regret aborting—and major factors cited by those who do are social support and…stigma. FUCK YOU, ANTI-CHOICERS. –Ed.]


spacevampiresSome Very Deep Shower ThoughtsThe Poke via Reddit r/showerthoughts.[Hahaha. –Ed.]


6 Ways To Keep (Queer) Sex On Fleek In Long-Term Monogamous Relationships. Masucci, V., Black Girl Dangerous (Jul. 2015). [Great advice generally, i.e. not just applicable to monogamous or queer sexual relationships. –Ed.]

My Husband Had to Learn Sex Again, and I Had to Become One Tenacious Bitch. Lea, S., Alternet (Jul. 2015). (“Richard’s memory loss rocked our happy marriage. Our way back required arguments, patience and trips to Babeland.”)


Bernie Sanders Blindsided by New York Times Blackout. Boardman, W., Reader Supported News (Jul. 2015).

The 6 Grand Illusions That Keep Us Enslaved. Fraud, S., True Activist (Jul. 2015).

Satanists are masters at trolling conservatives — just ask Megyn Kelly. Marcotte, A., Salon via Alternet (Jul. 2015).


Congressional Republicans attack clean air, water and wildlife protections in budget process. Neff, S., Wisconsin Gazette (Jul. 2015).

Oh frack, now there’s radiation in Pennsylvania’s water. Gardner, F., Daily Kos (Jul. 2015). (“both samples had 60 times the EPA drinking water standard of 5 picocuries per liter…That stuff coming out of there will eventually get in your drinking water in Pittsburgh.”)

Here’s How You Can Make Meat Way More Sustainable. Johnson, N., Mother Jones (Jul. 18, 2015). (“You can be a carnivore and an environmentalist.”)

When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job. Richardson, J., Esquire (Jul. 2015) (“Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think, but they can’t really talk about it.”) [TODAY IN WE ARE SO FUCKED. –Ed.]

Major greenhouse gases hit record highs in 2014: report. Raw Story via Agence France-Presse (Jul. 2015). [MOAR FUCKAGE. –Ed.]

Denmark Just Produced 140% Of Its Electricity Needs Via Wind Power. Froelich, A., True Activist (Jul. 2015). [Yes We Can’t. –Ed.]


How Goldman Sachs Profited From the Greek Debt Crisis. Reich, R.R., The Nation (Jul. 2015). (“The investment bank made millions by helping to hide the true extent of the debt, and in the process almost doubled it.”) [Why, it’s almost as if economic crises are actually opportunities for America’s Owners!!!11!! –Ed.]

Eric Holder, Wall Street Double Agent, Comes in From the Cold: Barack Obama’s former top cop cashes in after six years of letting banks run wild. Taibbi, M., Rolling Stone (Jul. 2015). (“Holder will reassume his lucrative partnership…and take his seat in an office that reportedly – this is no joke – was kept empty for him in his absence.”) [Why, it’s almost as if there is no significant difference between our government and America’s Owners!!!11!! –Ed.]


The Hard Truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates. Wallace-Wells, B., New York Magazine (Jul. 2015). An excerpt:

Coates is not a Christian. The heavy force in Between the World and Me — what makes it both unique and bleak — is his atheism. It gives Coates’s writing urgency. To consider the African-American experience without the language of souls and destiny is to strip it of euphemism, and to make the security of African-American bodies even more crucial. It also isolates him from the main black political tradition. “There’s a kind of optimism specifically within Christianity about the world — about whose side God is on,” he said. “Well, I didn’t have any of that in my background. I had physicality and chaos.”

“I have become radicalized,” he said.

This heroic tuba player followed a KKK march and gave it the soundtrack it always needed. Nedostup, M., Someecards (Jul. 2015). [HAHAHAHA! Mockery, FTW. –Ed.]


There have been 204 mass shootings — and 204 days — in 2015 so far. Ingraham, C., Washington Post (Jul. 2015).


Firefighters Can’t Help People In Burning Cars Because of a Stupid Drone. Walker, A., Gizmodo (Jul. 2015). (“five drones were in the air and ‘definitely’ delayed the firefighters’ response: Two drones actually gave chase to air units, and the incident delayed response by about 15 to 20 minutes.”) [A small price to pay for happy dronemaker profits! –Ed.]


How School Districts Seal Their Students Into Poverty: A striking new map shows how districts’ property-tax funding system enforces divides between rich and poor. Bliss, L., CITYLAB (Jul. 2015).

The remarkably high odds you’ll be poor at some point in your life. Badger, E. and Ingraham, C., Washington Post (Jul. 2015). [Better start stockpiling those bootstraps—you’re gonna need ’em. –Ed.]

In Pennsylvania city, the poor are paying the price for a bad water deal. Cantú, A.M., Al Jazeera America (Jul. 2015). (“Beleaguered Coatesville sold its water system to a private company in hopes of fueling a turnaround that never came.”)


Malala Turns 18, And Opens A School For Syrian Refugee Girls. Bloch, A., NPR (Jul. 2015). [♥ ♥ ♥ !!! –Ed.]


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