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Why Don’t We Know Much About Right-Wing Terrorists? Conservatives Fired The Guy Studying Them. Parker, J., Addicting Info (Jun. 2015).

In response to that report, Johnson was destroyed. It wasn’t his integrity or claims that got him in trouble, his facts were solid. Instead, it was the inconvenient truth that much of the threat comes from right-wing conservatives, and even more awkwardly, radical right-wing conservatives who say and think a lot of the same things mainstream right-wing conservatives say and think.

And this will play out again and again, until our nation wakes up and realizes the lives of minorities, the safety of children, and truly combating terrorism in all its forms demands that we put our deference to conservative feelings aside and look at the rotting underbelly of the radical right-wing. Pretending it’s not there just isn’t working.

[What is this “deference to conservative feelings” you speak of? I am quite sure I have never heard of it. –Ed.]

Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others. Cole, J., Juan Cole (Aug. 2012). (“White terrorists are called ‘gunmen.’ What does that even mean? A person with a gun? Wouldn’t that be, like, everyone in the US? Other terrorists are called, like, ‘terrorists.'”) [Cole wrote this in 2012, people. 2012. And the media still won’t get it right. Now why do you suppose that is? –Ed.]

Blackhawks fans riot and for some reason it’s not sensationalized by the media. Siede, C., Boing Boing (Jun. 2015).

The Chicago Tribune mentions a fan who put his hands around a police officer’s throat to try to stop him from arresting another man who had climbed a traffic light. Elsewhere, the windows of a police SUV were smashed and at least five people were arrested.

As far as I know, no media outlets are asking why these mostly white participants would destroy their community and no Blackhawks players have been asked to condemn the riots. Meanwhile when protests for racial equality in places like Ferguson and Baltimore resulted in property damage, the media was quick to condemn the rioters, sensationalize the events, and ask activists to denounce the violence.


[CONTENT NOTE: D00d drops the C*NT word a lot.] [h/t Don Ardell]


Today: Cop shoots, kills ex-wife in front of multiple cops. They standby and do nothing. jerseyjoew, Daily Kos (Jun. 2015). (“While taking him into custody, some of the officers hugged him and patted him comfortingly on the back, the witness said.”) [%$@$#*!. –Ed.]

Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption. King, S., Daily Kos (May 2015). (“Orange County has a secret system of evidence manufacturing and storage that they have used in countless cases, and the collusion is unraveling dozens of cases and may soon unravel the careers of countless prosecutors and law enforcement officers who’ve maintained it for decades.”)


Government arrests 243 in largest crackdown on health-care fraud. Bernstein, L. and Horwitz, S., Washington Post (Jun. 2015).

In Miami, the owners of a mental-health treatment center allegedly billed Medicare for tens of millions of dollars’ worth of intensive therapy that actually involved just moving people to different locations. Some of them had dementia so severe that they couldn’t even communicate.

In Los Angeles, prosecutors say, one doctor collected $23 million for more than 1,000 power wheelchairs and other equipment his patients didn’t need — which he often didn’t even provide.

And in Michigan, another physician allegedly prescribed unnecessary narcotic painkillers in return for the use of his patients’ IDs to generate additional false billings. When they tried to escape the scheme, authorities say, he threatened to cut off the medications, to which his patients were addicted.

[I would really like to know the political orientation of these (alleged) fraudsters, particularly their views on single-payer. Because I have some very, very strong suspicions about that. –Ed.]


White Chivalric Phallacy. Jadehawk, Secular Woman (Jun. 2015).

We white women need to talk about this; we need to talk about the fact that “raping our women” has been a tool of white, colonialist patriarchy for a very long time. The racial and sexual “purity” of white women, the chivalric protector-role of white men, and the imagined animalistic aggressiveness of non-white men together constitute an important framework for the hierarchies of white patriarchy. When these hierarchies are threatened, anti-black violence in white woman’s name becomes the means to re-establishing them…

White women have a responsibility to stand up and refuse to be used like that; not just as individuals rejecting such violence being done in our names, but as a social class rejecting, uncovering and ultimately deconstructing the systemic role in the oppression of men and women of color assigned to us by white patriarchy. That is solidarity; that is intersectional feminism. Let us not be silent and remain complicit with white patriarchy on this.



Suicide rate of female military veterans is called ‘staggering’. Zarembo, A., Los Angeles Times (Jun. 2015). (“Cesena’s death highlights two likely factors in the rates. First, she had reported being raped by a fellow service member…The second factor was Cesena’s use of a gun, a method typically preferred by men.”)


House GOP Tries to Eliminate Public Funding for Family Planning. Crockett, E., RH Reality Check (Jun. 2015).

The House Appropriations Labor-HHS-Education Subcommittee’s new budget proposal would zero out funds for Title X, the only federal program devoted to providing low-income people with family planning services, birth control, well-woman visits, cancer screenings, screening for sexually transmitted infections, and other preventive services.

The bill would also cut comprehensive teen pregnancy prevention programs by 81 percent, while doubling funding for unproven abstinence-only teen sex education programs.

Polling shows that 81 percent of Americans support continuing Title X’s efforts, and research shows that investing in family planning saves up to $7 for every dollar spent.

[“Fiscal conservatives,” everyone. –Ed.]


The Fearless Gaze of Mary Ellen Mark: A Friend Remembered. Leen, S., National Geographic (May 2015). (“Iconic documentary photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away on Monday, May 25. She was well known for her penetrating work and for the number of photographers’ lives she touched in a myriad of ways.”) [h/t SJ]


CougarThe Eastern Cougar will be officially listed as extinct — almost 80 years after last sighting. Davies Boren, Z., The Independent (Jun. 2015). [Exhibit No. 5,235,834 that humans are a terrible invasive species. –Ed.]

New NASA data show how the world is running out of water. Frankel, T.C., Washington Post (Jun. 2015).


Court: High-level Bush administration officials can be sued for abuse. Fenton, J., Al Jazeera America (Jun. 2015).

Steve Vladeck, a law professor at the American University Washington College of Law, said, “It’s the most plaintiff-friendly circuit-level ruling in a post-9/11 suit by a mile.”

“Given that the government will almost certainly appeal, this will be a crucial test case for the Supreme Court on whether any post-9/11 government misconduct should ever give rise to damages claims,” Vladeck told Al Jazeera.

[I’m sure we can all count on SCOTUS to get this right. –Ed.]


100-Year-Old Woman Says ‘Booze’ Is The Secret To Longevity. Shah, Y., Huffington Post (Jun. 2015). [I fucking knew it! –Ed.]


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