In which Gov. Martin O’Malley heeds my campaign advice.

omalley2Well, well, well. It appears mah BFF Gov. Martin O’Malley is not only serious about a run for the presidency, he has quite obviously taken my campaign advice to heart. Loyal Readers™ may recall that after our meeting last year, I wrote about some of my concerns about his messaging, image and tone:

He does not have tight soundbites in response to direct questions; instead he takes the approach of a patient explainer. Think: Al Gore. Only hawt. That said, this occasion was part of a series of candid meetings with potential supporters, not a media appearance: between now and an official campaign launch, he will hopefully crystallize his responses. His messaging needs to be clear, coherent and consistent—even, or perhaps especially, when obfuscation is necessary.

Although O’Malley comes off as smart and capable, he needs a more fiery presence and populist stance to appeal to disparate swaths of Democratic voters in key swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania…O’Malley is exceptionally good looking and fit, but he does not exude the personal charisma of, say, Bill Clinton. In short, and with the caveat that he will need to walk the line carefully: more rock star, less wonk.

omalley3The former Governor of Maryland at his own inauguration
actually playing Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line.”

And what do you know, here we have Martin—that’s what I call him, “Martin,” because it sounds really classy in a Jackie-O sorta way—schooling the shit out of DC detritus Chuck Todd on decades of failed conservative policies:

Hahaha. Well done, Martin. I always knew you had it in you.

I agree with Egberto at Kos, who pointed out:

Chuck Todd once again allowed his program to be used as an Ayn Rand message conduit…[A] Democratic primary is necessary…to remind America that it has been living under a conservative biased agenda for north of thirty years. The catastrophic results surround us all.

Indeed. But I also have concerns about the role of Martin’s wife, Katie, a U.S. District Court judge who is barred from political campaigning. As I said, it is difficult to envision any successful presidential campaign without the ubiquitous presence of a candidate’s spouse. Unless and until she resigns from the court to hit the campaign trail with her husband, Martin will absolutely require the presence of a strong, politically savvy woman among his very closest advisers.

Yes, my friends, you heard it here first: Your Humble Monarch™ has magnanimously volunteered herself to fill this critical role in Governor Martin O’Malley’s presidential campaign!

omalleycomp01Me and Martin, campaignin’ and shit.

omalleycomp03Oh, and hey listen: now I am counting on you guys to STFU for a while and don’t tell him about our national write-in campaign for Snowden/Manning on the FUCK YOU party ticket. I am just helping mah BFF Martin out, that’s all.


2 thoughts on “In which Gov. Martin O’Malley heeds my campaign advice.

  1. Being in the “anybody but Hillary camp” I wish you and Martin the best of luck during the campaign!

  2. It’s good to see the man (finally!) with some fire in his belly. Question is: now that Bernie Sanders is in the race, how will he distinguish himself from a genuine, proven progressive who truly speaks truth to power and bullsnot? Of course he wants to be pres, or at least VP, but I’m not sure he has the chops just yet .I was banking on him taking Mikulski’s senate seat, but that was not pre-arranged, so MD Representative Donna Edwards was the first to declare (and I think she’ll be great!)
    If what he says her is gin-u-wine, give him the portfolio as HUD secretary and let him help formulate a solid urban renewal (in a new, improved sense of the phrase) policy. Show your chops, classmate!

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