library4People Who Become Cops Tend to Have Authoritarian Personality Characteristics: Research shows a correlation between police behavior and authoritarianism. DeVega, C., AlterNet (Jan. 2015). [h/t SJ] [GTFO. –Ed.]

A Tale of Two Snipers: Killing in war through different moral lenses. Driscoll, C., The Greanville Post (Jan. 2015). [Or, “Why I Won’t Be Seeing the New Bradley Cooper/Clint Eastwood War Propaganda Extravaganza.” –Ed.]

BDSM Versus the DSM: A history of the fight that got kink de-classified as mental illness. Gerson, M.N., The Atlantic (Jan. 2015). [Just FYI: We freaks are all right. –Ed.]

Islamic extremist attack in Nigeria named the ‘deadliest massacre’ in history. (Jan. 2015). [Not to minimize the recent horrors in Paris—white d00d lives matter!—but yet again we see that the victims of Islamist terrorism are, overwhelmingly, other Muslims, and in this case, mostly women, children and the elderly. And yet again, there is little media coverage. And yet again, I will point this out:

blacklivesmatterBLACK LIVES MATTER.

Get your fucking shit together, “journalists.” –Ed.]

The Ethyl-Poisoned Earth. Bellows, A., Damn Interesting (Dec. 2007). [Nothing condemns capitalism as brutally as…capitalism. –Ed.]

First International Hypocrite Convention Passes Without Incident. Waterford Whispers News (Jan. 2015). [LOL. –Ed.]


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