Recent reads.


See it, touch it, feel it: Team develops invisible 3-D haptic shape. Phys Org (Dec. 2014). (with VIDEO) [WHAT. -Ed.]

A long list of sex acts just got banned in UK porn. Hooton, C., The Independent (Dec. 2014). [No seriously, WHAT. –Ed.]

Wait A Minute–Let’s Hear From Some Actual Police Officers Before We Rush To Judgment. Dartagnan, Daily Kos (Dec. 2014). [TRIGGER WARNING: racist as fuck. –Ed.]

More Black people killed by police than were lynched during Jim Crow. Taylor, A.V., Bay View (Oct. 2014).

Charges Dropped For Cop Who Fatally Shot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl. Moreh B.D.K., for Counter Current News via MintPress News (Dec. 2014).

How to Be a Feminist (According to Stock Photography). Sad and Useless (Dec. 2013). [OMFG hilarious! But this one is all kinds of awesome:


Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas voted worst film ever with 1.3 out of 10 stars on IMDb. Zhao, H., MailOnline (Dec. 2014). [OMG SHOCKING. –Ed.]

Cosby and Ferguson: Why Addressing Gender Violence and Racial Violence Is Not Either/Or Option. Cambron, A., Moyers & Co., (Dec. 2014).

Death and Injustice: How Can Humanists Respond? Christina, G., The Humanist (Dec. 2014).

Prosecutor Who Let Darren Wilson Slide Is Charging A Black Cop For Hitting A Suspect’s Hand. Parker, J., Addicting Info (Nov. 2014).

UGA study finds it’s mean boys, not mean girls, who rule at school. Ayer, R., UGA Today (Dec. 2014).

3 Shortcuts to Not Being a Terrible Person. Clay, F., Cracked (Nov. 2014).

Pregnant hero lays into anti-abortion protesters outside of a clinic. Fox, M., Happy Place (Dec. 2014). (VIDEO) [Badass. –Ed.]


For the Quote collection:

Considering these two sets of circumstances — Ferguson and Cosby — there is no choosing. This is not “one or the other.” This is both and then some. Racial violence does not trump gender violence, and gender violence does not trump racial violence. Oppression is oppression. –Andrea Cambron

Now the haters and atheists are coming out of the woodwork, attempting to hammer your good work (they rallied to drop your rating super low). They are attempting, once again, to ruin Saving Christmas for everyone. –Kirk Cameron [Great work, everyone. -Ed.]


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