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library4The (Socialist) Malala Yousafzai the US Media Doesn’t Quote. Norton, B., via The Greanville Post (Oct. 2014). (“When the courageous activist speaks of the importance of education and nonviolence, the West shouts her words loudly from the media mountaintops. When that same activist criticizes predator drones and, that most sacrosanct entity of all, capitalism, the silence is deafening.”)

Feminist cancels USU talk after guns allowed despite death threat. Alberty, E., The Salt Lake Tribune (Oct. 2014).

After California decriminalized marijuana, teen arrest, overdose and dropout rates fell. Ingraham, C., The Washington Post (Oct. 2014). (“marijuana decriminalization in California has not resulted in harmful consequences for teenagers, such as increased crime, drug overdose, driving under the influence, or school dropout. In fact, California teenagers showed improvements in all risk areas after reform.”)

The Government War Against Reporter James Risen. Solomon, N. and Wheeler, M., The Nation (Oct. 2014). (“The vendetta against him and whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling reflects an antidemocratic goal: the uninformed consent of the governed.”)

DHS raids investigative journalist; seizes confidential list of whistleblowers. Police State USA (Oct. 2014). (“I never in my wildest dreams thought something like that could happen in this country.”)

5 Stupid, Unfair and Sexist Things Expected of Men. Christina, C., AlterNet (Oct. 2014).

Meet the CIA’s 10 Favorite Drug Traffickers. Alexandrov, N., AlterNet via (Oct. 2014). (“The agency has supported — even created — many of the world’s most notorious drug kingpins. Just as long as they serve U.S. foreign policy.”)


Finally, a little Nietzsche for our Quote collection. Yes that Nietzsche, who held some, *ahem*, problematic views. But the man also had some good ideas and expressed them so well:

There is not sufficient love and goodness in the world to permit us to give some of it away to imaginary beings. –Friedrich Nietzsche

After coming into contact with a religious man, I always feel I must wash my hands. –Friedrich Nietzsche

Mystical explanations are considered deep; the truth is, they are not even shallow. –Friedrich Nietzsche

When we hear the ancient bells growling on a Sunday morning we ask ourselves: Is it really possible! This, for a Jew, crucified two thousand years ago, who said he was God’s son? The proof of such a claim is lacking. Certainly the Christian religion is an antiquity projected into our times from remote prehistory; and the fact that the claim is believed — whereas one is otherwise so strict in examining pretensions — is perhaps the most ancient piece of this heritage. A god who begets children with a mortal woman; a sage who bids men work no more, have no more courts, but look for the signs of the impending end of the world; a justice that accepts the innocent as a vicarious sacrifice; someone who orders his disciples to drink his blood; prayers for miraculous interventions; sins perpetrated against a god, atoned for by a god; fear of a beyond to which death is the portal; the form of the cross as a symbol in a time that no longer knows the function and ignominy of the cross — how ghoulishly all this touches us, as if from the tomb of a primeval past! Can one believe that such things are still believed? –Friedrich Nietzsche

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. –Friedrich Nietzsche

One will rarely err if extreme actions be ascribed to vanity, ordinary actions to habit, and mean actions to fear. –Friedrich Nietzsche

When virtue has slept, she will get up more refreshed. –Friedrich Nietzsche

In reality, hope is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs man’s torments. –Friedrich Nietzsche

The reasons and purposes for habits are always lies that are added only after some people begin to attack these habits and to ask for reasons and purposes. At this point the conservatives of all ages are thoroughly dishonest: they add lies. –Friedrich Nietzsche

God is dead; but given the way of men, there may still be caves for thousands of years in which his shadow will be shown. — And we — we still have to vanquish his shadow, too. –Friedrich Nietzsche

In the mountains of truth you will never climb in vain: either you will get up higher today or you will exercise your strength so as to be able to get up higher tomorrow. –Friedrich Nietzsche


NOTE: Acquisition of links and/or bon mots for the Palace Library does not imply the Palace’s 100% agreement with or endorsement of any content, organization or individual.

2 thoughts on “Recent reads.

  1. Hello Iris:

    Thanks for this invaluable service of good reads. Seems surreal that audience members would be allowed to pack firepower at a lecture – anywhere, anytime. “Insanity” is a label too generous.

    Wonderful Nietzsche quotes – and good on ya for sharing them despite his *ahem,* problematic views. He’s not the only man who could be and is associated with PV’s with plenty of good ideas well expressed.

    I’ve read a dozen or more biographies and other books about RGI and even he, one of the planet’s greatest humans of all time, had his PVs. He was a huge champion of liberty, yes, but never would lift a hand to smite the nefarious Anthony Comstock’s machinations against mailing, dissemination or other spread of information re birth control, abortion, lewd materials, obscenity and so on. So when I quote, praise and celebrate RGI, I am not implying my 100% agreement with or endorsement of all his content.

    All of which is to say the charges against Dawkins, Harris, et al do not cancel their fantastic contributions to reason and liberty in so many ways that we embrace. And their work is as quote worthy as Neitzsche and other greats.

    Let’s continue to exchange thoughts on the things we don’t agree on, as well as all the rest.



    P.S. May I credit and attach your “recent reads” to the FFRF distribution list, on occasions? > >

  2. Thanks for your comment, Don. Please feel free to attach whatever you want from the Palace to your distribution list as you see fit.

    Dawkins is still well-represented in the quote collection: I like his writings on science and atheism. On other topics he has …disappointed, to put it mildly. His anti-choice shitweaselry does not preclude his simultaneous presence in the Abattoir, and his anti-feminist asshattery does not preclude my mooning him should that opportunity arise—obviously. I’ve never been a fan of Harris, but if someone were to bring a quotable quip of his to my attention, I would not hesitate to add it. If I felt like it. ;)

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