Recent reading.

library4Asset seizures fuel police spending. Robert O’Harrow Jr., R. and Rich, S., The Washington Post (Oct. 2014). (“Of the nearly $2.5 billion in spending reported in the forms, 81 percent came from cash and property seizures in which no indictment was filed.”)

German colleges offer free degrees to Americans. CBS, (Oct. 2014).

Decades-old CIA crack-cocaine scandal gains new momentum. (Oct. 2014).

Documents Reveal Billions of Gallons of Oil Industry Wastewater Illegally Injected
Into Central California Aquifers: Tests Find Elevated Arsenic, Thallium Levels in Nearby Water Wells. Center for Biological Diversity. (Oct. 2014).

The Unsafety Net: How Social Media Turned Against Women. Buni, C. and Chemaly, S., The Atlantic (Oct. 2014). (“Under the banner of free speech, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have been host to rape videos and revenge porn—which makes female users feel anything but free.”)

This Week, Two Incidents Of Street Harassment Escalated Into Violent Attacks Against Women. Culp-Ressler, T., Think Progress (Oct. 2014).

The War on Viet Nam, the Coming “Official History,” and the US Victory in that War. Jonas, S., The Greanville Post (Oct. 2014).

Lullabies for Misandrists. Ortberg, M., The Toast (Sep. 2013). (OMGLOL—especially the comments. –Ed.)


NOTE PLZ: Acquisition of links and/or bon mots for the Palace Library does not imply the Palace’s 100% agreement with or endorsement of any content, organization or individual.

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