Recent reading.


A First: Uterus Transplant Gives Parents A Healthy Baby. Chappell, B., NPR (Oct. 2014). [This is awesome news! We need to start implanting uteri into anti-choice men a.s.a.p., people. Free abortion clinics will suddenly become as ubiquitous as Starbucks! –Ed.]

A New Nuclear Arms Race: Why Peace Activists Must Wage an Open Battle Against the Democratic Party. Tucker, S., Truthdig (Oct. 2014).

Former SC GOP director: Execute anyone who comes into contact with Ebola — ‘it’s just math’. Kaufman, S., Raw Story (Oct. 2014). (Also: “The people of Africa are to blame for why it’s so shitty. They could stop eating each other and learn calculus at any time.” “We should put Wendy Davis’ vagina in charge of the Ebola outbreak. It will kill all of them without mercy and go to Nordstrom’s afterwards.” Well, he seems nice. Also: I’d like a vagina with these superpowers now plz. Because OMG Nordstrom’s! HELLO? –Ed.)

A Look Inside the Fake Abortion Clinics That Are Greatly Outnumbering Real Ones. Figueroa, A., AlterNet (Oct. 2014). (“Your tax dollars are funding religiously affiliated, medically inaccurate centers focused on preventing women from accessing abortion services.”)

An Orangutan Learns to Fish. Jabr, F., The New Yorker (Oct. 2014).

Indiana trooper pulled over woman to ask if she’d accepted Jesus Christ as her savior: lawsuit. Gettys, T., Raw Story (Oct. 2014). (“Indiana State Police said there was no specific policy against troopers handing out religious materials.”)

Louisiana Parish Claims Incarcerated 14-Year-Old Consented to be Raped by a Corrections Officer. McDonough, K., AlterNet (Oct. 2014). (“These girls in the detention center are not Little Miss Muffin,” remarked one official.)

Cops Pulled Gun, Tasered Passenger During Traffic Stop: Suit. Lutz, BJ. et al., NBC Chicago (Oct. 2014). (VIDEO -may start playing automatically at the link).

2013 World Happiness Report. Helliwell, J. et al, eds. (pdf).

Right-Wingers In NC Public Schools Indoctrinating Children With Bible Classes. Anonymous, Crooks & Liars (Oct. 2014).

Why Aren’t Women Advancing At Work? Ask a Transgender Person. Nordell, J., New Republic (Aug. 2014) (“Having experienced the workplace from both perspectives, they hold the key to its biases.” Very interesting. -Ed.)

Ayn Rand’s Continued Influence Adds a Bizarre Twist to Conservative Politics. McMurry, E., AlterNet (Oct. 2014). (“Despite her clearly psychopathic theories and actions, she is still celebrated by leading right-wingers.”)


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