Recent reads.

Son, Men Don’t Get Raped. Penn, N., GQ (Sep. 2014). (“Sexual assault is alarmingly common in the U.S. military, and more than half of the victims are men. According to the Pentagon, thirty-eight military men are sexually assaulted every single day. These are the stories you never hear—because the culprits almost always go free, the survivors rarely speak, and no one in the military or Congress has done enough to stop it.”)

The flesh is weak: On the Erection Equals Consent rape myth. Fogg, A., freethoughtblogs (Sep. 2014). (“Rape myths take many forms, and male victims have their own myths to bust.”)

Researchers search for genes behind intelligence, find almost nothing. Timmer, J., Ars Technica (Sep. 2014). [Makes sense. I know when I search for intelligence, I find almost nothing. –Ed.]

Colorado marijuana tax revenues surge as recreational sales surpass medical. Ingraham, C., The Washington Post (Sep. 2014).

In Texas, Activist Group “Stop Patriarchy” Draws Criticism. Klabusich, K., Bitch Magazine (Aug. 2014).

No One Has to Ask Permission to Fight For Women’s Equality: A response to Katie Klabusich’s attack on Stop Patriarchy in Bitch Magazine. Downer, C., Counterpunch (Sep. 2014).


I learned something this evening that explains a lot of human phenomena. People are stupid. –PZ Myers

Happy Friday, Loyal Readers™!


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