Welcome to the Abattoir, Missouri State Senators!

Missouri state senators convened a Very Special legislative session specifically to override the Democratic governor’s vetoes, including that of a bill imposing a 72-hour waiting period between an already-mandated physician counseling session and an abortion. Earlier this year, the d00ds (they are all d00ds) rejected an amendment to the bill that would have granted exceptions for victims of rape and incest.

Think Progress notes:

Even though the state only has one abortion clinic left, lawmakers have considered more than 30 different anti-abortion bills this session. Planned Parenthood, which operates that clinic, points out that some women have to travel more than 100 miles to get to it. Now that some of them will be required to make that trip twice — once to receive the mandatory “counseling” about the procedure, and a second time to have the actual abortion three days later — it could be too costly and time-consuming for the women who can’t afford to take time away from their jobs and their families.

Missouri, which has one of the worst rates of gun crime in the country, does not impose a waiting period before residents are allowed to purchase firearms. That’s typical of many of the states that have imposed harsh restrictions on abortion. Across the nation, there are more waiting periods to have an abortion than there are to get a gun.

Priorities: Missouri has them. Obviously they have no problems requiring their urgent attention, except all the silly ladies who really need to go away and think—for three days—about what they’re doing at an abortion clinic in the first place.

Please give a warm Palace welcome to all of our new involuntary organ donors, who join Richard Dawkins in the Abattoir:

Dan Brown, Mike Cunningham, Tom Dempsey, Bob Dixon, Ed Emery, Mike Kehoe, Will Kraus, Brad Lager, John Lamping, Doug Libla, Brian Munzlinger, Brian Nieves, Mike Parson, David Pearce, Ron Richard, Gary Romine, David Sater, Rob Schaaf, Kurt Schaefer, Eric Schmitt, Ryan Silvey, Wayne Wallingford and Jay Wasson.

We will of course impose a 72-hour waiting period between arrival and organ extraction(s), so they can think about what they did to find themselves here in the first place.

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