Mattel finally comes through for American girls with new Abortion Barbie.

[CONTENT NOTE: misogyny, racism, hostility to agency and bodily autonomy, anatomical misinformation, grotesque shitweaselry, lethal levels of sarcasm.]

Wendy Davis, as Loyal Readers™ may recall, is a Texas state senator who famously filibustered a draconian anti-abortion bill for 11 hours. The recipient of the highly coveted Perry Street Palace Major Award™ for Filibuster of the Day, she is currently running for governor of the Lone Star State. Yesterday, she attended a big ticket fundraiser held by supporters in Los Angeles, where she was greeted with a massive poster campaign by conservative activist Kathryn Stuard Mattel announcing their new Abortion Barbie, created and named in her honor!

abortionbarbieIt appears that conservative Republican street artist Sabo Mattel may have rushed production of the new line of Barbie dolls in order to make this fundraiser deadline. I say this because unlike all the other Barbies Mattel has ever produced, this one comes topless, wearing only a purple bikini bottom. In addition, the inclusion of a pair of scissors is puzzling; I assume Mattel just couldn’t get the traditional coat hanger accessory manufactured in time. It’s a real shame they missed the boat on that one, because this would have been a fantastic opportunity for little girls to get an authentic sense of what it’s like to experience an unwanted pregnancy in parts of Texas, Missouri, Kansas, and many other Southern and Midwestern states. Hopefully Mattel will update the accessories on the next production run.

Abortion Barbie comes with not one but two full-term sized fetuses. A white one is visible in her open body cavity, but located where her stomach would be even during pregnancy. Of course, Barbie has been under withering criticism for decades now because of her bizarre anatomical proportions and the resulting body image distortions impacting young girls, so I guess this is really not all that surprising. Still, promoting this kind of misinformation about the location of women’s reproductive organs is not helpful, Mattel. There is also a black full-term fetus that Abortion Barbie is holding so its head lines up perfectly between the open blades of the scissor, which is more than a little disturbing if not downright Gosnellesque. (I’m sure it would have been a much better placement with the coat hanger, which unfortunately did not arrive in time for the big product launch yesterday.) It is not clear whether the white and black full-term fetuses can be swapped out before little girls help Abortion Barbie terminate her unwanted pregnancies, but I sure hope so!

Finally—and this is really a nitpick—terminating a near-full-term pregnancy means giving birth, either by Cesarian section or vaginal delivery. Late-term procedures are virtually always performed due to a serious threat to the health of the mother or the fetus (or both), yet Abortion Barbie and her fetuses all appear to be in excellent health. Still, you really have to hand it to Mattel for making such a bold pro-choice statement and honoring Wendy Davis with Abortion Barbie, just in time for her big L.A. fundraiser. Kudos!


For my more literal minded readers: OF COURSE MATTEL DID NOT RELEASE AN ABORTION BARBIE. One can only hope they sue the shit out of conservative activist Kathryn Stuard and Republican street artist Sabo.

6 thoughts on “Mattel finally comes through for American girls with new Abortion Barbie.

  1. Wordsgood, it’s a good idea, but I’m afraid it’s not going to work because for better or for worse, there is no hell to send the conservatives to. : |

    meshorer, come on! Don’t you kind of want an Abortion Barbie play set?Okay, maybe it’s just me.

    Fuck. It’s just me isn’t it.

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