Republican Governor Wants to Preserve Nevada’s ‘Clitoral Resources’.

Now here’s a Republican governor I can totally get behind, possibly with a strap-on:

A staff member who wrote a gubernatorial proclamation declaring this week State Employee Appreciation Week, when praising the hard work of employees, misspelled the word “cultural” pretty badly, causing it to honor their hard work in protecting the state’s “clitoral resources.”

The proclamation was distributed to some employees before the error was caught and ended up on

Sandoval said his office regrets the error. This document included an embarrassing typographical error,” Sandoval said. “I sincerely apologize for this mistake, and take full responsibility. It won’t happen again.”

Don’t apologize, Governor! You’ve perhaps unintentionally made the most effective effort toward women’s outreach that the GOP has made all year!

On second thought, I’m pretty sure we should not be letting the GOP exploit our nation’s clitoral resources on behalf of their corporatist benefactors. Nothing good can come of this.


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