That was fun.

As my Many Tens of Loyal Readers™ well know, I suffer from an intractable case of SIWOMB Syndrome whenever Someone Is Wrong On My Blog. So when the Palace’s Patron Saint PZ Myers linked to a post I did about abortion and urged the “pro-blastocyst/anti-autonomous-adult people” to go read it, it did not take very long before someone was wrong on my blog. And then: someone else. And another.  And possibly another, but I cannot be sure because I cannot for the life of me figure out what the fuck his point is. He sure is a whiny d00d, though.

But they were not the only visitors. Hahaha. Nope. The fearsome Pharyngula Horde descended on the Palace and promptly ate them all for lunch. (Even the whiny d00d.) Perhaps they have SIWOIB Syndrome when Someone Is Wrong On Iris’s Blog? Regardless, it was truly a thing of beauty to behold. I could have just opened a bottle of wine, sat back and watched, it was that good a show. Of course I didn’t do that, though: instead I opened a bottle of wine and commented on the thread myself, because FUN.

As of this writing that post has almost 7,000 views and 170 comments, and PZ’s post linking to it has another 105.

I iz internet famous. And the Horde is fucking awesome. On my blog.


4 thoughts on “That was fun.

  1. Hi Iris

    I am glad that you had fun. There is not enough of it in the World today. I thought that there was something wrong with my email and I was getting the same message a million times. I did end up reading a bit of it, but then thankfully found the means to unsubscribe to those particular messages.

    Glad that I am still linked to you though.

    Just reading a new book about Edward Snowden called The inside story of the World’s most wanted by Luke Harding. Very good so far.


  2. Iris:
    Oh, I definitely had a case of SIWOIB. I clicked over from Pharyngula to read your fantastic piece and decided to stay for the chew toys. Next time I need to bring wine of my own.
    Btw, I like this place.

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