Follow the frog, flamenco, MAN and US imperialism in Latin America.

What are you doing right now? Bzzzt. You’re fucking around on the Internet, that’s what. Perhaps instead of Getting Important Things Done, you’re looking for some infotainment to help extend your procrastination into Thursday, if at all possible. Well, you’re in luck, for we here at the Palace specialize in just such time-sucking indulgences.

Follow the Frog. I have no idea whether the Rainforest Alliance is an effective organization for its purported purposes, or whether their campaign is Orwellian bullshit. Maybe I’ll look into it. Possibly, by Thursday. But regardless, this video is wildly entertaining, and pokes fun at kyriarchal privileges (while unfortunately indulging in a few itself).

Flamenco. If you are only familiar with Western music traditions, Flamenco may be something of an acquired taste—one which I have most definitely acquired. The time signature(s) and accented beats are alien to the Western ear, and there are so many forms, styles and fusions with other genres that one could spend a lifetime searching and still find no shortage of sonic stunners. (True fax: a few years ago I studied flamenco in Spain (cante) over a couple summers under Rafael de Utrera.) I am still as captivated by its spell as I have ever been. This video was shot three days ago at a concert performed by my friend Pepe Justicia, a flamenco guitarist, in Málaga. The video quality leaves much to be desired, but the sound quality is adequate.

Concierto de Pepe Justicia Band en el Teatro Echegaray de Mañaga 13/03/2014. Farruca. Baile: Nieves Rosales. Cante: Javier Requena.

At this link you can hear a much better recording by Pepe & Co. playing a different style. Go listen. I’ll wait.

If you find yourself intrigued, two of his albums, Sólo Aguas and Trece Noches, are available on iTunes. I’d also recommend exploring some recordings by guitarist Paco de Lucia, who tragically died of a heart attack a few weeks ago at age 66. Much of his music is broadly accessible and versatile, and he was a monster technical genius.

MAN. This is an animated video by Steve Cutts, exploring the relationship of humans to the natural world. It’s meant to be a damning indictment, but of course the Christian dominionists and other assorted CPD cases among us will see nothing wrong with it whatsoever, and in fact probably much to admire.

Finally, if you were yearning for something a little more “info” than “taining”, go read Violence, Revolution, and Structural Change in Latin America by John “Tito” Gerassi, from Latin American Radicalism, A Documentary Report on Left & Nationalist Movements (Random House 1969). It could just as well have been written today, and yet more than four decades later, Americans still have absolutely no fucking idea what “their” government does, has always done, and will continue to do for the foreseeable future.

Happy Sunday, y’all.

[a big h/t to nubs for the video links <3]

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