Sad, sad day for Alan Grayson fans.

[TRIGGER WARNING: discussion of allegations of domestic violence.]

Before I start drinking today because I am not yet able to process—much less coherently write about—the news of Congressman Alan Grayson being accused of violently assaulting his wife (the couple recently separated), I just want to download some thoughts here. 

All the facts are not in yet. But regardless of the truth or falsity of these serious allegations, this is a sad, sad day for Alan Grayson fans. And a very good day for shitweasels like Fox “News” and Nicholas Ruiz III.

I had not previously known that the congressman and his wife separated in January, or if I was aware it did not register: frankly it’s none of anyone’s concern but his and his family’s. With all the gossipy conjecture and repulsive panty sniffing swirling around the story, however, I am sorry to say that my own mind apparently could not help but spin a few wild and wildly irresponsible conjectures of its own: namely, that if there were an affair or sexual indiscretion at the root of the Graysons’ breakup, it was a deliberate setup—not by Republicans, but by the DCCC.

This would have no bearing on the domestic violence allegations, of course. Just contemplating all of this has left me as triggered as I am heartbroken.

Everyone in the entire Grayson universe—Ms. Grayson, the couple’s children, extended family, close friends, and the congressman himself—has our deepest sympathies at this difficult time. Family breakups are gut-wrenching and horrendous, regardless of the circumstances surrounding them. To endure any of this under the searing spotlight of a 24/7 media shitstorm… well, if you’re looking for me I’ll be at the bar sobbing into my drink.

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