What Those Other Guys Said

Here’s my review of Steven Jonas’s book, The 15% Solution, that I just posted at Amazon.

“Those Other Guys” are reviewers at Amazon, who all posted highly positive comments (as of this writing).

ImageIt is with a lingering sense of guilt that I write these words of praise for The 15% Solution. As a long-time admirer of Dr. Steven Jonas’s erudite and incisive political analyses, I read his prescient, futuristic novel shortly after publication; and I intended to write a review then and there. Alas, it didn’t happen until now, so I’m more than pleased to see that in the interim far better qualified writers have stepped up to say most everything I had in mind — and much more, also far more thoroughly and eloquently. In that regard I would like to call particular attention to the splendid review by fellow Palace blogger, Dr. Don Ardell.

My sense of guilt stems in large part from a perception that almost no one, myself included, is doing enough to combat the ominous threat to our nation and the world that the author describes and places in a most timely perspective.

And there is considerable irony in the tacit respect he accords the wacko religious right by taking their words seriously, at least in the sense that he gives them credit for meaning what they say and, potentially, having the means to carry their agenda to a successful conclusion (it only takes 15%). They and their political allies constitute a passionate, organized, and well-financed army of fanatical ideologues. It would be ridiculous to say they have not made progress toward their express goal, political dominance of this country. The 15% Solution thus rings true as a plausible extension of what has already taken place here in CrazyLand™.

The theocratic-fascist takeover of our government didn’t happen in the time frame Steven Jonas originally predicted, but it could have, and it might yet. To a large extent the religious right is counting on the ignorance, complacency and distraction of the clueless majority of Americans who would be opposed to their agenda if they were paying attention. This excellent, well-documented book could provide the needed and long overdue clue, if it can be brought to the forefront of public awareness.

Obviously, that is no easy task in an indifferent, low-information society so readily influenced by the incessant drone of right-wing propaganda. I am trying, belatedly, to do my part, starting here and now. And I’m urging everyone who cares about preserving our hard-won rights and freedoms to take the following actions: Read the reviews at Amazon. Purchase and read the book. If you agree with the author, recommend it to everyone you know who needs to be alerted to the threat to our democracy (what’s left of it). Finally, send gift copies to those who might make a difference.

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I'm an older married guy, a former college psychology instructor and editor at a national magazine. Every stage of my very full life has been dominated by a passionate interest – from chess to distance running to photography (my current interest). I write under a pseudonym because the opinions I express, particularly about religion, might very well cause problems for my wife and me. I plan to "come out" after she retires. In the meantime, I'll do my best to defend and promote science and reason and to help keep power out of the hands of the proto-fascists who have declared war on just about everything I value.

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