I’m traveling out of the country this week, so my access to the Palace may be difficult. But before I put my iPhone on airplane mode and leave the Freedom and Safety of the U. S. of A., I just had to share some really funny shit I just read via WaPo’s Wonkblog email:

How many criminals have NSA’s phone records busted? Maybe one. “Representative Ted Poe, a Texas Republican, questioned how many criminal cases federal investigators have filed using information from the phone records program. There “may be one,” said James Cole, deputy attorney general in the U.S. Department of Justice. “One criminal case?” Poe said. “[The program] is an invasion of personal privacy, and it’s justified on the idea that we’re going to capture these terrorists. The evidence that you’ve told is all this collection has resulted in one bad guy having criminal charges filed on him.”” Grant Gross in PCWorld.

Hahaha. Good one. Also:

NSA spying on Congress. “The National Security Agency “probably” collects phone records of members of Congress and their staffs, a senior Justice Department official conceded Tuesday. Deputy Attorney General James Cole buckled under questioning from multiple lawmakers during a House Judiciary Committee hearing reviewing proposals to reform the NSA’s surveillance activity.” Dustin Volz in NationalJournal

By the way, further to my post last night, I made some quip in passing about NSA surveillance. Conservawife goes bug eyed and says “Well I have nothing to hide.” Translation: “MY panties are starched, ironed, white and spotless, and government agents are free to sniff them any time!”

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