The Washington Professional Football Team.

Apparently—and readers can correct me if I’m wrong here—there is some “important” men’s sporting event taking place in New Jersey tomorrow, about which we could not care less.*

Meanwhile, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) has been on a fairly successful mission to eliminate racist team names and mascots from high school, college and professional sports teams. They have been particularly aggressive in going after the Washington Professional Football Team, which uses a shitty slur as its official team name. To that end, NCAI produced an amazing and beautiful ad, but cannot raise the funds to air it during tomorrow’s Really Big and Super Manly Sporting Contest. We’re doing our part to help make the video go viral by spreading it to our Many Tens of Loyal Readers™. Watch and share:


As pressure has built from Indian organizations and their allies as well as a growing cadre of media outlets and individuals, including a number of sports writers, team owner Dan Snyder has vowed never to change the name. He’s gone so far as to enlist the support of fake Indian “chiefs,” other liars and methodologically sloppy polls to make the case that few people are offended by the name, which he claims actually shows respect and admiration for American Indians.

Knowing nothing else about him, I would bet the entire Palace Treasury that this Dan Snyder shitweasel is a right-wing conservative. The signs and symptoms of Conservative Personality Disorder on display in just that single sentence makes that wager as close to a sure thing as can be found in the known universe.


*Of course we care. For one thing, more people watch the Super Macho Important Sporting Competition than vote, thus making vividly clear the grotesque priorities of our fellow citizens. Also, the money casually spent on football while American kids live in poverty and attend crumbling schools is nothing short of an inexcusable obscenity. The sport is harmful to players: knees, vertebrae, brains. And while we do not begrudge any adult’s choice of entertainment—provided it harms no others—American football is a festering stew of toxic patriarchy. It reflects and reinforces sexist gender binaries, rape culture and warrior culture. It is a potent disease vector for conservative memes.

This is not a complete list of grievances.

One thought on “The Washington Professional Football Team.

  1. Iris, my dear Guruess:

    You just drained what little interest I had in checking the score, now and then, of the game tomorrow night. Now I’m more likely to visit CBN station programming, or the Catholic channel of nuns reciting the rosary. While not a complete list of grievances, you did identify enough of “the grotesque priorities of our fellow citizens” to reduce to near-zero the chance that I’ll view at least a few commercials – or observe the art of wondrous quarterbacks and others who are, after all, distinguished “Hunger Games-worthy” gladiators.

    You artfully nailed the obscenities of the event in the larger context. In all, you earned the right to characterize this “festering stew of toxic patriarchy” that “reflects and reinforces sexist gender binaries, rape culture and warrior culture” to the extent that it is “a potent disease vector for conservative memes.” Wow. H.L. Mencken would be cackling at your take on the S Bowl. He did not come close, even when dissecting the follies of William Jennings Bryan in 1925.

    My only regret that you refrained from providing a complete list of grievances. I would have enjoyed reading more.

    Maybe next year.


    P.S. Bryan was a remarkably progressive guy for this era, even though he was off the rails re Christianity and evolution. He did not represent his concerns very effectively re the latter. He actually did not disagree with evolution as such, but rather was concered/opposed to the abuses that were attributed to “evolutionary” thinking by eugenicists and other fascist elements that were culling mentally ill and other “undesirables” in Europe and elsewhere under banners such as “survival of the fittest.” Alas, he was too doddering to make such distinctions in Dayton and previous to the “Monkey Trial” affair.

    Donald B. Ardell, Ph.D. –
    Ardell Wellness Report (newsletter)

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