R.I.P. Marlise Muñoz.

HOUSTON — A Fort Worth hospital that kept a pregnant, brain-dead woman on life support for two months, followed a judge’s order on Sunday and removed her from the machines, ending her family’s legal fight to have her pronounced dead and to challenge a Texas law that prohibits medical officials from cutting off life support to a pregnant woman.

On Friday, a state district judge ordered John Peter Smith Hospital to remove the woman, Marlise Muñoz, from life-support machines by 5 p.m. on Monday. The judge ruled that the state law barring doctors from withdrawing “life-sustaining treatment” to pregnant women did not apply to Ms. Muñoz because she was brain-dead and therefore legally dead. The hospital had refused to honor the family’s request to disconnect her, claiming that the law prevented them from doing so until they could perform a cesarean delivery.

Good. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Groups that oppose abortion had expressed support for the hospital’s legal argument.

Of course they did.

A statement released by the National Black Pro-Life Coalition and Operation Rescue said that the fetus deserved not to be killed, and that numerous people had expressed an interest in adopting the child when it was born, even if it had disabilities.

The fetus deserved not to be “killed”? How about this: Marlise Muñoz deserved not to be treated like a fucking incubator: a husk of a human valued solely for her ability to physically gestate a fetus.

It was unclear on Sunday who would end up paying the hospital bill. Hospital officials had said previously that they were focused on caring for Ms. Muñoz, and that it was inappropriate for them to comment on or estimate the cost of a patient’s care. “At the appropriate time, the finance department will pursue the customary avenues to identify payers and reimbursement,” Ms. Labbe said.

That’s just super. After all of these dehumanizing indignities, Marlise Muñoz’s husband and infant son should now be bankrupted to pay for all of this grotesquery.

Is this the best health care in the world or what.


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