BREAKING: Palace demotes Nicholas Ruiz III from “not awesome” to “epic doucheweasel.”

ruizdoucheweaselLoyal Readers™ may recall my disappointing exchange of missives last year with one Nicholas Ruiz III, who had been running as a Democrat to replace Republican John Mica. After an initially pleasant and cordial exchange in which I clarified my objection to a sexist trope he had used in criticizing Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, he went all condescending mansplainy pompous @$$hole on us. My last message to him ended this way:

The arrogance and blindness you exhibit is so painfully, boringly typical, I am quite confident that should you be elected to Congress you’ll fit right in with those establishment Democrats you so scorn.

It turns out this assessment was spot-on.

Yesterday, we received an astonishing missive from Howie Klein on behalf of Blue America:

I got a terse note from Nick Ruiz that he is switching districts and won’t be trying to replace reactionary Republican John Mica, but that he’ll be trying to replace the single best congressman in the entire country, Alan Grayson. I was flabbergasted. At first I thought someone must have hacked his e-mail account. Unfortunately, not. Obviously, we removed him from the Blue America endorsement list. He has every right to run a primary in any district he wants. But all the money Blue America donors gave him was to help him replace John Mica.

I also sent him a note asking him to return the contributions I had personally given him and the $1,000 PAC check Blue America had sent him. As far as I can tell, at least so far, his obligation to return the money is just moral, not legal. If there are any Blue America members who would like to ask him to return contributions, his e-mail address is:

Personally, I’m going to chalk this up to a lesson learned… and send a personal contribution to Alan Grayson. Yesterday Alan was working harder than anyone in Congress to stop the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, which he said is:

“Fundamentally irrational. The U.S. trade deficit has been $350 billion, or more, every single year since 2000. So-called ‘free trade’ has fundamentally imbalanced the U.S. economy. What we’re doing is haggling over how to make that worse. This ‘Fast Track’ legislation is a fast track to $1 trillion annual trade deficits, the total elimination of our manufacturing base, and wage slavery for every American worker.”

Any other Members of Congress telling the truth like that? This year, Grayson has been widely regarded the single most effective Member! Let’s make sure he stays right where he is. You can contribute to his campaign here.
We are all in this together,
Howie, for Digby, John and the Blue America team
[emphasis in original.]

The Palace hereby officially announces the demotion of Nicholas Ruiz III from his previous status of “not awesome” to “epic doucheweasel.”

I smell the distinct stench of the DCCC in all of this, of course. The Democratic leadership despises Alan Grayson precisely because he is an actual liberal (and an effective one at that)—in the same way that I despise the Democratic leadership because they are actual conservatives (and corrupt ones at that). But running a primary against Alan Grayson? Seriously? Let’s just say it’s not bloody likely that he’ll be challenging Grayson from the left.

The good news for Grayson is that if he just gives him enough rope, Ruiz will almost certainly hang himself—and spectacularly. That’s what epic doucheweasels do.

1 thought on “BREAKING: Palace demotes Nicholas Ruiz III from “not awesome” to “epic doucheweasel.”

  1. Iris:

    Wow again. This is perfidy at the true and un-triumphant epic doucheweasel level. Anyone who runs against Grayson is almost surely an enemy of the people. Great piece.

    Don > >

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