Signal boosting Alan Grayson.

[TRIGGER WARNING: mental health stigma, ableism]

Dear Iris,

Mike Huckabee is attacking me. And also attacking you.

Based on his bizarre beliefs and his appalling record, former Gov. Mike Huckabee ought to be some light-weight fringe figure, relegated to fifth place in any four-person race. But he’s not. Public Policy Polling places Mike Huckabee in a statistical tie with Sen. Ted Cruz for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, just a few points behind Gov. Chris Christie. So it means something when Mike Huckabee attacks someone like me, and he attacks someone like you.

I don’t want to be immodest, but I often hear from people like you that I’m saying what you’re thinking, but no one else is saying. I’m not trying to glorify myself; that’s just something that I hear a lot.

Well, Mike Huckabee heard about it, too, and this is what he said, on national radio:

“If Alan Grayson is saying the things that you are thinking, then you need some serious psychiatric assistance, and you need it right now. It is something that cannot wait until next week. You need to go to a hospital immediately and check in, because if you’re thinking what he’s saying, then you are one sick puppy. You need some real help. I would call it an acute emergency, not something that is a mild disorder.”

Don’t think that I’m making this up. We have a recording.

Perhaps this rings a bell. In the Soviet Union, political opponents of the regime were accused of mental illness. If you read prohibited books, you were deemed crazy. If you participated in demonstrations, you were deemed crazy. If you attempted to leave the Soviet Union, you were deemed crazy. The “mentally ill” were placed in long-term psychiatric incarceration, often in Siberia, without a trial. In fact, documents from the time demonstrate that the Soviet Union consciously exploited and misused psychiatry to crush dissent.

Here’s something ironic: If you expressed religious beliefs in the Soviet Union, you were deemed crazy, and you were incarcerated.

Hmmm. Interesting. What? Nothing. Never mind. I WASN’T THINKING ANYTHING.

Mike Huckabee wears his religion on his sleeve. For that, in the Soviet Union, he would have been locked up in a mental institution for life. But Huckabee sees nothing wrong in suggesting that maybe you should be locked up – for agreeing with me.

So what does this mean? It means this: If the #2 candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination is attacking me, and you, in such gross personal terms, almost a year before my election, then it’s going to be a long, tough year – and I need your help.

Perhaps you are offended that Mike Huckabee would call you crazy because you agree with me.

Offended? Hahaha. Mike Huckabee cannot offend me. He can annoy and disgust me, sure. But I’m not offended. I’m contemptuous. [h/t Liss.]

If so, then do something about it – contribute to our reelection campaign today, before the end of our reporting period on Tuesday.

Perhaps you are offended that Mike Huckabee would call me crazy, simply because I go to battle each day for justice, equality and peace.

Except for Palestinians, amirite Alan?

Well, nobody’s perfect. That’s why whenever I donate to Alan Grayson, I donate the exact same amount to the BDS Movement.

Since the end of the quarter is approaching, you may see a lot of requests for contributions in the next few days. I suspect, though, that this is the only one that you will see asking for your response to a direct personal attack on the candidate – and on you.

Alan, Alan, Alan. The power center of your own party thinks I’m an ungrateful, fucking retarded drug addict—and I’m pretty sure that goes for you, too. Huckabee’s a lightweight as far as ignorant ableist attacks go. But if you think you can raise money off that punk-ass shit, I’m happy to help.

And you know why this is happening. Slate magazine identified me as the “most effective Member of Congress.” I don’t just talk about progressive values; I implement them. I get stuff done. Which means that as far as Mike Huckabee and the Tea Party are concerned, I must be destroyed.

We are under attack. It’s time for us to circle the wagons, and return fire. I need your help, and I need it now. Every dollar counts; contribute today.


Rep. Alan Grayson

P.S. As I’ve said before, the best way to help our campaign is to make monthly contributions. So please click here to contribute $20.14 each month. Help us fight back.

Help this d00d out if you can. Grayson’s the real deal: the DCCC hates him even more than Mike Huckabee does. And don’t forget to give the same amount to the BDS Movement. Steve Israel isn’t just going to crap his pants all by himself, people.

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