Come on, Florida! You can do better than this!

Via EarthJustice:

Pollution killing manatees at record pace.
Yet, industry group seeks to removed endangered species status.

I’m sad to report that 2013 has become the deadliest year ever for Florida’s endangered manatees.

So far this year, 769 manatees have died (Jan. 1 through Oct. 29), the largest annual manatee die-off in Florida since record-keeping began, according to the Save the Manatee Club.

Florida regulators are doing the bidding of polluter-lobbyists, and environmental disasters like the record manatee deaths are the sad result. Instead of stepping in to enforce the Clean Water Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has backed off.

The Indian River Lagoon has lost 47,000 acres of sea grass since 2010, which, as the Tampa Bay Times noted, “one scientist compared to losing an entire rainforest in one fell swoop.”

When scientists performed necropsies on the manatees, they found that their stomachs contained a reddish seaweed they don’t normally eat—their normal sea grass food source was wiped out.

What’s the problem, Florida? Are your state regulators not quite corrupt enough yet? Is Obama’s EPA not captured by polluters? Come on, already! I am confident that you can destroy the aquatic habitats of all your waterways during my lifetime, and finally be rid of those pesky manatees once and for all. It will be a crowning achievement of conservatism.

manatee[Photo: Ahodges7 via Wikimedia Commons]

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