IRS to treat same-sex marriages equally for tax purposes; feds won’t mess with legal weed.

prideflagYay for gays:

The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service announced on Thursday that they would treat legal same-sex marriages the same as heterosexual marriages for federal tax purposes.

The new policy, which comes in response to a June Supreme Court ruling that overturned a key portion of the Defense of Marriage Act, allows same-sex spouses to file tax returns as married couples regardless of whether they live in jurisdictions that recognize gay unions.

I really like it when my government does the right thing, even if it takes a Supreme Court decision to get them to do it.

Speaking of my government doing the right thing:

Obama administration will not block state marijuana laws, if distribution is regulated.

The Obama administration on Thursday said it will not stand in the way of Colorado, Washington and other states where voters have supported legalizing marijuana either for medical or recreational use, as long as those states maintain strict rules involving distribution of the drug.

In a memo sent Thursday to U.S. attorneys in all 50 states, Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole detailed the administration’s new stance, even as he reiterated that marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

The memo directs federal prosecutors to focus their resources on eight specific areas of enforcement, rather than targeting individual marijuana users, which even President Obama has acknowledged is not the best use of federal manpower. Those areas include preventing distribution of marijuana to minors, preventing the sale of pot to cartels and gangs, preventing sales to other states where the drug remains illegal under state law, and stopping the growing of marijuana on public lands.

I can get behind some of those limitations—except for preventing sales to other states where the drug remains illegal, and stopping the growing of marijuana on public lands. First, fuck those other states. If they don’t want weed from another state coming in, they can either figure out how to interdict and enforce their stupid prohibitions, or legalize it and get with the program. Second, how about people will agree to stop growing weed on public lands when the U.S. government agrees to stop permitting drilling for oil and natural gas on public lands. Until then, seriously, they can fuck right off.

Overall, the news coming out of Washington DC today has made for a very happy Thursday at the Palace.  We wish our Many Tens of Loyal Readers™ the same.

Ooh look! It’s cocktail hour! And we have a few things to celebrate—not that that’s a requirement for cocktails around here. Obviously.


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