Naked Bike People.

[TRIGGER WARNING: pictures of naked people on bicycles.]

Via email yesterday, longtime Loyal Reader™ born on the wrong continent gave the Palace a heads-up that it was World Naked Bike Ride day, which is apparently a Thing.


Ride is rain or shine!
No matter what the weather is WE RIDE
In solidarity with World Naked Bike Ride, wear your hottest, fiercest hot pants on this clothing optional extravaganza through the streets of New York.
Climate change is real (Thanks Obama!) and it ain’t getting any cooler out here. Get comfortable in our future climate and show some skin.
We love Short shorts! Mask up, pants down! As comfortable as you please.
Reclaim your body! Reclaim your streets! Reclaim your planet! Ride your bike! The Hot Pants Ride is a safer space for all bodies to ride free of harassment or pollutants in the physical or mental environment. To participate each rider is asked to respect that the liberation of bodies requires freedom, autonomy, and justice for all. This begins with joy and commitment to self-determination. And of course bikes!!!
What: An afternoon of fun, free community, and direct action, including a clothing-optional bike ride. We celebrate our bodies, celebrate cycling in NYC!

And all I can say is thank goodness for Mr. born’s alerting us. Otherwise we might have been puzzled, or possibly even perplexed, to catch a glimpse of this through the open air windows of a bar on Christopher Street:

WNBD3It takes a lot to get anyone’s attention on Christopher Street. Or to get me to leave my bar stool. I’m pretty sure that’s unprecedented. WNBD2Butts on bikes, Greenwich Street.

WNBD4NYPD escorts. I’m so glad they’re keeping a watchful eye on the naked bike terrorists.


1 thought on “Naked Bike People.

  1. Great images! Forgot about the Power of the Palace, being able to dispatch photographers to the scene so quickly!
    I think being naked brings equality to all situations. Imagine if the meeting between Obama and Xi Jinping in California required each of them to be naked – especially since the press releases are touting the “desire to be relaxed and casual”, assuming the stereotypes are true – we’d soon realize that China’s got a distance to go before they become the BIGGEST power in the world! If Netanyahu had to meet with his Palestinian counterpart sans clothes. Or Assad meeting with the leaders of the insurgency in Syria – all naked! NYC Mayorial debates naked! I’m getting carried away here, the images in my mind aren’t very attractive!

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