Mmmm. Tea is delicious. Don’t you agree?

In the days following my post last week, in which I regaled Loyal Readers™ with missives the Palace received from dimwitted Democrats professing shock and disbelief that a president who has repeatedly offered cuts to Social Security has, once again, offered cuts to Social Security, the Palace inbox continued to clog up with no less than twenty-six additional missives comprising similarly clueless swill.  All of them are from people and organizations that unconditionally supported and campaigned for the president’s reelection:  Democracy for America, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Blue America, RootsAction, Rebuild the Dream, Campaign for America’s Future, Robert Reich, CREDO Action, Firedoglake and others.  Fear not, people:  I have no intention to bore you with more of this tiresome nonsense by posting them all here along with my trenchant responses thereto (i.e., sneering mockery) before unceremoniously banishing each one to the trash.  But one that I received just this morning truly stands out among the rest as a monument to political hackdom, and this one deserves a response.

An outfit openly calling itself “Twenty-First Century Democrats” — as if that were actually something to be proud of — and about which I know nothing (nor do I care to), sent this:

21stcenturydems Dear Iris:

The president is trying to negotiate a budget with Tea Party Republicans by putting Social Security and Medicare on the table. Negotiations with these people just don’t work.

Please give as much as you can so that we can fight against Tea Party Republicans.

We need to kick Tea Party Republicans out of Congress. Negotiations among Democrats work better for our country than negotiations with Tea Party Republicans.

Please give as much as you can so that we can fight against Tea Party Republicans.

Organizing for the 2014 elections start today.

Thank you,
Jennifer Petty

*le sigh*

Ms. Petty is of course correct when she states that negotiations with Tea Party Republicans “just don’t work.”  Thank Vishnu they don’t.

For it appears that the only hope for the nation’s seniors and veterans to avoid this cruel, stupid and terrible fate just might be Tea Party Republicans blocking Obama’s budget in the House.  Who cares if they only do so because the chained-CPI cuts to Social Security Obama is offering are not cruel, stupid and terrible enough?  Sure, they’re sociopaths.  And idiots.  But at least they’re useful idiots — unlike conservative Democrats, who are worse than useless: they’re treacherous.  Indeed, Ms. Petty’s statement that “Negotiations among Democrats work better for our country than negotiations with Tea Party Republicans” is completely untethered to reality.  It’s conservative Democrats like Barack Obama and his conservative congressional allies in the Democratic Party who would happily “negotiate” away our social safety net, exactly as they did with the public option during the health care clusterfuck.  The only thing stopping them is intransigent Republicans.

As I said the last time the president offered cuts to Social Security (yet again) in December, if one actually wants these cuts blocked, one’s time and efforts would be far more effective rallying Tea Party Republicans and Paul Ryan acolytes in the House.  Call them up.  Tell them to stand strong.  FOR FREEDOM!  Also: Jeezus!!!  Do not compromise with those treasonous libruls and RINOs — on anything!


2 thoughts on “Mmmm. Tea is delicious. Don’t you agree?

  1. If you’re looking for an argument, you won’t find it here. I just worry that some unscrupulous Republigoon or 21st-Century Democrat will take some of your words out of context. They have been known to do that. Let us pray that doesn’t happen.

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