Two small ways to show support for Steubenville’s “Jane Doe.”

“Jane Doe,” the Steubenville rape victim, and her family have turned down all donations to assist with her legal bills, counseling and other care.

The lawyer who represented her did so pro bono, and announced on behalf of the family that funds that have been pouring in will go to Madden House in Wheeling, WV, an emergency shelter for women, men and children seeking refuge from domestic violence.

If you have a few bucks to spare and would like to contribute something in her name, click here.  You can donate as little as $2 via Paypal.  When you do, you can leave a note on the transaction saying “In the name of Jane Doe, Steubenville,” and the organization will be informing her of donations received in her name.  It is a small way to show support for this young woman, as well as a concrete way to help others who may not have the financial or family resources that she does.

There is also a Guestbook set up where you can leave messages for her.  I wrote this:

Dear Jane – You are an inspiration. Because of you, other victims will find the courage to stand up, and to turn a personal tragedy into a powerful force for positive change. That’s a big step forward toward a better world, and for that all of us owe you a debt of gratitude. Wherever your journey takes you, I hope you find strength in knowing that so many people support you 100%.

*hugs if you want them*

Iris loves Jane.

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