Wealth inequality in pretty colors.

This is an excellent video that portrays graphically the stark picture of wealth inequality in the U.S.


It’s a little bit dated, but given that the Dow broke all previous records today, we can be fairly sure that its message is an understatement, if anything.  If you’ve been avoiding this blog and you’re wondering whose interests the U.S. government serves, it’s mainly the d00d with the monstrous pile of cash on the far right (pun intended):

wealthinequalityHe and his friends own 40% of the nation’s wealth, and almost 100% of its elected officials.

I will just leave you with this quote from a pithy commenter over at Shakesville:

It’s not just a “jobless recovery”, for the vast majority of people it’s a recoveryless recovery.

[h/t PZ]

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Iris Vander Pluym is an artist and activist in NYC (West Village), and an unapologetic, godless, feminist lefty. Raised to believe Nice Girls™ do not discuss politics, sex or religion, it turns out those are pretty much the only topics she ever wants to talk about.

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