Smear campaign?

Remember yesterday when I said I’m planning to a donation to an actual lefty every time I get an email from Democrats that contains the magic words “critically important FEC deadline”?  In an email received today from DSCC’s Guy Cecil with the non-ironic subject line “Here we go again,” we find a “crucial FEC deadline” as well as a “critical FEC deadline in 48 hours!”  Now technically speaking, these are not exactly the same thing as “critically important FEC deadline.”  But I was never a big fan of technicalities.  So when I saw this email, I donated to Alan Grayson.

From: Guy Cecil <>
Subject: Here we go again
Date: February 26, 2013 4:19:30 PM EST

Iris — The oil tycoon Koch brothers just helped launch a brand new secret money group. After spending millions to destroy President Obama’s re-election last year, Koch-linked groups are shifting focus to block every meaningful piece of his agenda.

I’m told you ranked among our strongest supporters when we won the uphill battle against Karl Rove and the Kochs last year (thanks!). But to pass President Obama’s agenda, we must answer the Kochs – and we still need 12,000 more members before the critical FEC deadline in 48 hours! I’m told you haven’t activated your 2013 support yet (your record pasted below).

Supporter record: [REDACTED]
Membership Status: Pending
2013 Membership Rate: $5 (renew membership now)

The FEC deadline is in just 48 hours – and we need 12,000 more members. Click here to become a member immediately!

Because these early months will make or break this election, a group of Democratic Senators has agreed to match all gifts dollar-for-dollar until the FEC deadline in 48 hours. This means that your impact will be doubled if you give today.

Will you give $5 or more and activate your membership right away? Remember: The crucial FEC deadline is in just 48 hours.

Guy Cecil
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Also, I must note that someone at DSCC is still lying about me:  whoever told Guy Cecil that I ranked among their “strongest supporters” clearly has an agenda.  I’m beginning to suspect it’s part of a smear campaign intended to associate my good name with the worst elements of our society: some of those Democrats in the U.S. Congress.

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