Major Award: Dumbass Doucheweasel of the Day.

Unsurprisingly, the Rapeapologist Party in the House of Representatives continues to block passage of The Violence Against Women Act, which until the current congress had been renewed consistently with bipartisan support since its enactment in 1994.  Rep. Eric Cantor, domestic violence proponent and champion of rapist babies, actually offered this explanation for why the House refuses to compromise and pass the legislation:

“We blocked the Violence Against Women Act because the Senate forced it on us without our consent. I’m sure women understand.”

Heh-heh.  *snort*

Hahaha!  *snigger*

Hahahahahaha!!!!  OMFG!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!   Ow!  Oh!  OH!  I am laughing so hard it hurts!  IT HURTS!

It’s still early, but I am quite confident that you, Eric Cantor, are the most epic dumbass doucheweasel I am likely to encounter today, by far.  Thus it gives me great pleasure to bestow upon you the highly coveted Perry Street Palace Major Award™ for Dumbass Doucheweasel of the Day.  Congratulations, sir, on your truly remarkable accomplishment.


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