Today I feel like writing about some good news coming out of the election.

Teenage girls in Florida.  It truly breaks my heart to tell you this, Loyal Readers™ — and I know that this may come as quite a shock to you — but conservatives really are quite deranged.  Apparently, some Conservative Personality Disorder cases in Florida put an amendment on the ballot that would have eliminated taxpayer funding for abortions… in a state where there is no taxpayer funding for abortion.  These principled, free-market acolytes also included in the amendment restrictions on private health insurance coverage for abortion.  And because their hatred for young women knows no bounds, the same amendment would have overturned “a Florida rule that has protected girls from requiring parental consent or notification prior to a termination.”  Parental consent and notification laws are particularly cruel.  Also: breathtakingly stupid.  Allegedly, the underlying rationale is that abortion is a medical procedure fraught with significant risks, thus parents have a singular right that trumps all others to be informed that their child is terminating (in the case of parental notification), or to prevent termination (in the case of parental consent).  This is such obvious bullshit, because abortion is much safer than childbirth.  And yet curiously, no parental consent or notification is ever required for the child to continue her pregnancy to term — a proposition with vastly more serious and far-reaching implications for a teenage girl and her family.

The amendment failed.  YAY.

Gay peopleMaine, Maryland and Washington became the first states to enact gay marriage by popular vote, and Minnesota voters defeated a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.  Of course, there are still 30-something medieval-ass states that previously passed constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage.  But last night, the score was 4-0 for gay marriage.  YAY.

And in the Wisconsin Senate race, Democrat Tammy Baldwin defeated Republican Tommy Thompson.  Baldwin is the first openly gay member of the U.S. Senate.  YAY.

People who click on this link Without endorsing everything in it, I highly recommend it.

Vagina-Americans.  The next Congress will have 20 female Senators — a record (if an unimpressive one).  Reprehensible rape apologist doucheweasels Todd “legitimate rape” Akin, John “uh, the rape thing…how does it make it better by killing a child?” Koster, and Joe “there is no such exception as life of the mother” Walsh were all defeated.  By women.  Reprehensible rape apologist doucheweasel Richard “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen” Mourdock also went down in flames.  As Liss at Shakesville put it:

US voters chose women of color, women with disabilities, women who are gay, pro-choice women, and rejected men who minimize rape.

Residents of the city of Longmont, Colorado.  Voters passed an amendment to the city’s charter that bans fracking.  Opponents of the ban raised over a half-million dollars, every cent of it from the oil and gas industries.  Not a single Longmont resident contributed.  Via Food and Water Watch:

Longmont’s victory over this highly industrialized and dangerous oil and gas extraction process signals to communities throughout the state and the nation that they can and will prevail over state officials who answer to the oil and gas industry rather than to their constituents.

Iris Vander Pluym.  It was surprising to me how relaxed and downright zen I felt on Election Day not giving a rat’s @$$ which conservative corporatist warmonger would win the White House.  I had a phenomenal day.  I cleaned out my refrigerator, emptying it of all perishable food that had been sitting in there since I fled New York in the wake of Sandy.  I caught up on some non-political reading.  I had a fantastic dinner at Left Bank with My Amazing Lover™.  And then I drifted peacefully off to sleep, having neither seen nor heard any election news whatsoever.  None of which should be construed as my not caring about the future of the nation and the world.

Quite the contrary, actually.

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