Liveblogging Hurricane Sandy.

…is something I probably won’t be doing.  If the power, cable, cell towers and/or internet connections go out, I’ll have plenty of other stuff to deal with besides keeping my Many Tens of Loyal Readers™ infotained.  I know, I know:  where is Iris’s world-renowned, trademarked, Pulitzer-worthy, hard-hitting, fearless investigative journalism just when the world needs it the most?

I’ll tell you where:  on hiatus.  Because whatever the weather may bring (thanks extractive fossil fuel industry doucheweasels and your craven puppets in the U.S. government!) I am determined to enjoy myself over the next several days.  If it turns out this means I cannot be arsed to blog or tweet, well, so be it.  Here’s the present situation at the Palace:

Walls:  ancient masonry.

Water = Primo NYC tap, hoarded appropriately.

Communications = solar/hand crank AM/FM radio.

Pantry = full of nuts, chocolate, fresh bread, fruit & veggies.

Freezer = packed with ice.

Eggs = hard boiled.

Pasta = pre-cooked (al dente).

Wine = enough for weeks.

Medication = enough for months.

Amazing Lover™ = in my bed.

I am NOT kidding about enjoying myself.

Stay safe, y’all.  And happy.

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