Satan running for Veep.

Paul Ryan, a.k.a. Satan.

The insufferable twit Mitt Romney announced this morning that his VP choice is Paul Ryan, a.k.a. Satan.  Loyal readers will recall that Paul Ryan is much beloved by CPD cases everywhere, in large part due to the infamous “Ryan Budget” which clearly spelled out Satan’s priorities for the country:

The House GOP’s plan to cut health-care spending rather than defense passed out of the Budget Committee. “House Republicans, seeking to prevent defense-spending cuts at the end of the year, advanced a plan that would instead reduce spending on health-care programs, food aid and other major domestic initiatives of the Obama administration. The bill developed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) would cut about $261 billion in domestic spending over the next decade and roll back portions of the 2010 health-care law and the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul. It was approved Monday by the House Budget Committee on a 21-9 party line vote … A sizable portion of the domestic cuts in the House GOP bill come from programs benefiting the poor, including food stamps, Medicaid, and a child tax credit.

Paul Ryan, of course, is also much beloved by Dick Cheney, who said: “I worship the ground that Paul Ryan walks on,” thereby confirming that Paul Ryan is actually Satan.  Just ponder for a moment how evil one has to be to be worshiped by Dick Cheney.

As I pointed out, Ryan’s agenda is twofold:

first, destroy decades of progress, including Social Security, Medicare, education funding, veterans’ benefits, food stamps, and pretty much every single program that has ever helped anyone poor or middle class; and second, give enormous tax breaks to the wealthy individuals and big corporations he so loyally serves.

Paul Ryan, pretending not to be Satan.

Well, well, well.  Things just got interesting for Rob Zerban’s campaign.

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