Kids Klux Klan Reaffirms Anti-Gay, Anti-Girl and Anti-Godless Ban

The Kids Klux Klan, or KKK, a patriotic youth organization that teaches life skills in the context of heterosexual, male Christian supremacy, announced that, after an extensive review of its admission policy, it would continue to ban gays, girls and godless atheists. This was a disappointment for civil liberty interest groups. In their defense, KKK spokespersons explained that this decision to continue discriminating enabled the organization to maintain the loyalty and support of the group’s traditional base.

The KKK issued a statement to the effect that “good people can personally disagree on discrimination.”

For over a decade, the organization has been under pressure from gay, lesbian and freethinker protest campaigns. It has also run afoul of local nondiscrimination laws and, consequently, been banned from the use of some public facilities. Curiously, female youth-oriented interest groups, such as the Girl Scouts of the USA and Camp Fire, have not complained at all, preferring to ignore the KKK and concentrate on their own flourishing all-girl organizations that have no such discrimination policies.

However, it seems likely that the discriminatory policy of the KKK will end soon, despite the latest reaffirmation of the infamous ban, for one of two reasons: Courts will strike it down in whole or part as unconstitutional, or kids and their parents will lose interest in the KKK, deeming it no longer trustworthy.


Note: There is, of course, no such organization as the Kids Klux Klan, at least not to my knowledge. If there ever is, however, I’m sure it won’t last long in our contemporary society, which is less accepting of discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or beliefs or no religious affiliation or beliefs than was the case in an earlier America.

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