Coathanger lobby update: Mississippi.

I am not even through my first cup of coffee this morning, when what do I see?  I see misogynist liars in the state of Mississippi parading around pretending to care about women while working relentlessly to harm them and destroy their lives as much as possible.  In the early 1980s Mississippi had 14 abortion providers, but since then then they have enacted some of the country’s harshest abortion restrictions and are presently down to only one clinic.  But for a temporary hold issued by a District Court judge yesterday, they would have that one shut down, too.

One of the newest tactics of the Forced Birth Brigades is passing state laws requiring that doctors who perform abortions at standalone clinics have local hospital admitting privileges.  Then the local hospitals then refuse to give the doctors admitting privileges—and thus the clinics must shut down.  See how that works?  Nice and constitutional-like.  Gee, I wonder if the Supreme Court will uphold the Mississippi law on appeal?

Sam Mims, the d00d who sponsored the Mississippi bill, said in a statement he was “confident that the new legislation will result in the improvement of healthcare for women.”

Sam Mims is not only a liar, he is a grotesque monster of a human being.  Here is why:

  • Curiously, these laws never seem to apply to any other outpatient health clinics, such as dentists and oral surgeons, or your local one-stop colonoscopy shop.  Nope.  Only clinics that perform abortions.

And so, despite trying for three months, neither of the clinic’s two abortion doctors have been able to obtain admitting privileges at any local hospitals.  The owner of the clinic, Diane Derzis issued this statement:

“I’m issuing an invitation for Governor Bryant and the lieutenant governor and Mr. Mims and everyone who has been real concerned about this to help us obtain these privileges.”

Hahaha. Oh, Ms. Derzis, you are hilarious!  We all know the governor is not concerned about improving healthcare for women.  Sam Mims is not concerned about improving healthcare for women. Not a single anti-choice legislator, activist or voter is interested in improving healthcare for women, neither in Mississippi nor anywhere else.  They are interested in reducing women to the status of breeding sows, and inflicting as much punishment, hardship and pain as possible on those who refuse to comply.

I think I’ll spike my second cup of coffee with rum.

3 thoughts on “Coathanger lobby update: Mississippi.

  1. I saw a video of some Mississippi politician the other day “addressing” the issue of desperate women resorting to coat hanger abortions. The pol simply dismissed the women’s plight with the words, “We’ve gotta do what’s moral”.

    I think it’s easy to miss the significance of that. He wasn’t saying something along the lines of, “You have a point, and I have a point, and I think my point is better than your point.” No, he was basically saying, “Your views and values aren’t even worth considering. Hell, even your life isn’t worth considering.”

    His attitude wasn’t unexpected, it wasn’t surprising — but it was telling.

    I wonder what it says about people that they put up with that crap. That they elect guys like that.

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