Supremely dickish.

Today in Not News, intractable CPD case Antonin Scalia (a.k.a. Catholic League President Bill Donohue) is still a dick.  The Supreme Court — which really needs another, more descriptive name — yesterday handed down two more embarrassingly stupid decisions, on a par with Citizens United and Bush v. Gore.  In one of them, the corrupt conservative majority that foisted upon us the democracy destroying Citizens United decision, which was based on the “reasoning” that there was simply no evidence that unlimited amounts of anonymous corporate cash could possibly undermine elections, struck down Montana’s 100 year old law that banned exactly that.  David Horsey of The LA Times put it this way:

[T]he law was found to be in conflict with the court’s notorious Citizens United ruling from 2010 that has turned American politics into a shopping mall for big corporations and billionaires.

There’s no evidence of that, David Horsey!  Wisconsin?!  La-la-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you!

The feds trump the states!  The feds trump the states!

Except when they don’t.  In another ruling yesterday, parts of Arizona’s fascist “Papers Please” law were struck down—but not the part that requires all local police to determine the immigration status of anyone detained for another violation, if there is reason to suspect that person is an illegal immigrant.  Scalia scoffed.  No, not that the court upheld the immigration status check mandate.  (Please.)  He doesn’t like that the court struck the rest of the state’s notorious law:

In light of the Obama administration’s recent decision not to enforce immigration laws against young people brought into the country by their parents, Scalia said it is “mind-boggling” to think states are prohibited from doing the job that the federal government is failing to do.

The states trump the feds!  The states trump the feds!

Except when they don’t. Like in 2005 when Scalia voted to uphold the federal law criminalizing the cultivation of medical marijuana for purely personal use, in a state where this was legal.

The feds trump the states!  The feds trump the states!

Antonin Scalia is the poster boy of judicial activism: you know, the “judicial activism” that conservatives love to decry when judges reach decisions they do not like, no matter how well-reasoned the opinion or how long-established the law.  Like most conservatives, Scalia deludes himself that he is consistent and principled, when in reality he is just a run-of-the-mill, nasty old right-wing reactionary @$$hole.

One thought on “Supremely dickish.

  1. Supremo, supremo! Not the court, but your astute mockery – spot-on and tack-sharp, as always. The man truly is a deluded, right-wing extremist asshole. If the next president is a Republican, we’ll get more just like him. Or worse. Making those appointments for life, combined with the selection method, was surely one of the most questionable decisions the founders made.

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