May Day.

May Day is widely celebrated in many Western democracies, although not the U.S.  This is because May Day, also known as International Workers Day, is a celebration of labor, and right wingers HATE labor—i.e. parasites—and love to elect @$$holes who dismantle public unions and restrict workers rights, enact policies that encourage offshoring of U.S. jobs, and support other anti-worker policies that to the point that one in four U.S. jobs now pay poverty level wages.  The Occupy movement is attempting to change all of that, and today, these protests are global.

I was out of town today and unable to participate in the Union Square protest, but I have been monitoring updates here.  Currently thousands of protesters are trapped in the square behind police barricades, and NYPD is apparently only letting ten out at a time—the better to photograph them, perhaps.  This assembly and march from from Union Square to Wall Street has a permit from the City of New York, by the way.

I returned to the West Village about an hour ago, and the swarm of helicopters buzzing loudly overhead just to the East suggest that at least the protest is getting some attention from someone—even if it is only the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau.  You know, I think I might call those d00ds up and register an urgent noise complaint about all the fucking racket.  If they keep it up I won’t be able to hear our Nobel Peace Prize winning president addressing us on TV tonight from his super exciting surprise visit to Afghanistan!  What on Earth could possibly be more important and world changing than that?

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