Dan Savage offends Christian students? Oh, my.


Dan Savage offended some Christian teens when he told them “We can learn to ignore the bull—t in the Bible about gay people.”

Savage made his comments during a speech at the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle.

After many students walked out of the speech, one of whom appeared to be crying, Savage said, “It’s funny, as someone who’s on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the bible, how pansy-assed some people react when you push back.”

These precious Christian “journalist” students no doubt eat ham and seafood, and I’ll bet there’s a pretty good chance they are occasionally found to be working on the Sabbath.  Why aren’t we stoning them all to death?  You know, like the Bible commands.  I don’t understand.

So young @$$holes came to hear a prominent gay activist speak—and run out in tears when he points out their hateful and highly selective “morality” for the bullshit it so obviously is?  That is some funny shit right there, people!  Future Fox News anchors, the lot of them.  Speaking of Fox:

Fox News reports that Savage’s comments upset the executive director of GOProud, a gay conservative group.

The “executive director of GOProud, a gay conservative group” is upset!  Oh no!  That is just terrible.  (I mean hilarious!)

“Dan Savage should apologize for his comments and should apologize to the high school students in attendance whom he called ‘pansy-asses,’” Jimmy LaSalvia told Fox.

Dan Savage should apologize for no such thing.  If one does not wish to be called a “pansy-ass,”* perhaps one should not run out of a talk by an activist who works to stop gay suicides when he points to the indisputable role of one’s religion in this epidemic.  I sure hope they’re all planning to attend Liberty University, where Dan Savage will never be an invited speaker and they can all sit around for four years having their shitty prejudices and sick delusions continuously reinforced.

“It is ironic that someone whose claim to fame is fighting bullying would resort to bullying tactics in attacking high school students who were offended by his outrageous remarks.”

Conservatives of every stripe are the biggest bullies on the planet:  who do you think is beating, killing and viciously harassing gay kids to the point of suicide?  Barney Frank?  But dog forbid anyone push back by using OMFG, words! — words the bullies and those who enable and support them find terribly offensive, and they all run for the smelling salts.

Pushing back against bullies is not the same thing as bullying.

Pink News reports that Savage said he was sorry if he hurt anyone, but did not apologize for what he said.

Good for him, although I myself am entirely indifferent to whatever “hurt” his words may have caused bigoted Christian bullies.  Sticks and stones, etc.

Hey @$$holes:  where’s Dan’s apology from you, for clinging to your hateful cult?  The corpses are piling up.  We are all waiting for an apology for that.


* “Pansy-ass” is a homophobic slur — which is why Dan Savage is free to use it but I am not.

2 thoughts on “Dan Savage offends Christian students? Oh, my.

  1. It’s unbelievable to me that an absolute dimwit like Dan Savage would be allowed to push a political agenda in a public school. No wonder we have such a sour and terrible a=education system in this country, we give people like Dan Savage a forum to spread their hate. With absolutely zero evidence that any of the Christian students in the audience bullied anyone Dan Savage condemned all students who are Christian and even bullied them with the support of the school system! I understand that Iris Vander Pluym isn’t the most intelligent person to ever grace the internet, but her ridiculous assertions that it is OK to demean school students if they are Christian only perpetuates the “bullying” they pretend to want to stop. Dan Savage does not give a hoot about bullying, nor does Iris, they are simply here to push a political agenda. You can’t blame the students for walking out on a school sponsored program that is hate speech, by all definitions of hate speech. I like how he fit his little attack in on Callista Gingrich (as if it is relevant to gay suicides), simply political posturing by a morally bankrupt pansy-ass.

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