Time to Watch it Again

The Pale, Blue Dot speech – about the best three-and-a-half minutes I’ve ever spent.

For the best of Carl Sagan, IMHO, read The Demon-Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark, a sublimely eloquent tribute to science and reason, a scathing condemnation of unremitting, religion-inspired superstition and oppression throughout the ages (free PDF version here).

Here’s a quotation pulled more or less at random:

You might think that before they denounce unwelcome research findings, major corporations would devote their considerable resources to checking out the safety of the products they propose to manufacture. And if they missed something, if independent scientists suggest a hazard, why would the companies protest? Would they rather kill people than lose profits? If, in an uncertain world, an error must be made, shouldn’t it be biased toward protecting customers and the public? And, incidentally, what do these cases say about the ability of the free enterprise system to police itself? Aren’t these instances where government intrusion is in the public interest?

I’ll miss Carl Sagan until my final breath.

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About SJ

I'm an older married guy, a former college psychology instructor and editor at a national magazine. Every stage of my very full life has been dominated by a passionate interest – from chess to distance running to photography (my current interest). I write under a pseudonym because the opinions I express, particularly about religion, might very well cause problems for my wife and me. I plan to "come out" after she retires. In the meantime, I'll do my best to defend and promote science and reason and to help keep power out of the hands of the proto-fascists who have declared war on just about everything I value.

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