Bye-bye Chuck Colson.

I was at a cocktail hour last night with the NECSS* speakers when the Washington Post alerted me via email that Chuck Colson had died at the age of 80.  A ruthless scumbag known as “the hatchet man” in the Nixon administration, he was the first of that cabal to serve jail time for his role in the Watergate scandal.  Before he went to prison, however, he found Jesus (why is that fucker always hiding? why, it’s almost like he doesn’t even exist…).  After his release, Colson started a prison ministry that enriched him on the taxpayer dime:  bribing captive prisoners with special privileges, better food, and superior treatment for submitting to his Christian indoctrination program.

Colson also focused on “Christian worldview” teaching and training for the evangelical community, wherein he espoused the noxious and ignorant beliefs of typical evangelicals, such as the evils of homosexuality and Darwin’s theory of evolution.  He was also a key adviser to George W. Bush during his presidency, and Karl Rove gives him glowing accolades in an obituary in Christianity TodayGreat company he kept.

In short, a hateful man who committed his life to spreading a toxic ideology has died.  While our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends, there will be no tears shed for Chuck Colson at the Palace today.

*This conference is amazing, and I hope to write more about it later.

One thought on “Bye-bye Chuck Colson.

  1. Your eloquent sensitivity is appropriate to the man and his pre- and post-born-again life and works. I would add two points:

    1) Colson’s views were not extreme in the context of this viciously religious country in this era of right-wing ascendency. No, he was just one prominent public face of a widely a widely shared, malevolent, collective mental illness, viz., Christian conservatism (fundamentalism, evangelicalism, dominionism, et al.).

    2) Moments like this remind me how much I miss Christopher Hitchens. It seems like only yesterday that he put Jerry Falwell’s ugly life and death in its proper perspective: “If you gave him an enema, you could bury him in a matchbox.” More seriously, “The evil he did will live after him.”

    Here’s Hitchens’ obituary of the man that appeared in Slate:

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